One bottle of  bitter lemon

Two bitter kola

Peel the bitter kola

Put inside the bitter lemon  drink. 

  leave to soak for three days.

Drink it all on the third day preferably in the morning. 

This is a perfect remedy for toilet infections.

If symptom is still there, repeat the same process until the infection is gone.

NB- This is not to be taken by pregnant women or nursing mothers and if you can’t finish it all at once, drink it two times.

Breadfruit Health Benefits:

Scientifically known as Artocarpus camansi, breadfruit is a highly sought after fruit due to its medicinal properties. Some of its health benefits


1. Cardiovascular health:

Breadfruit is an excellent source of potassium. This heart-friendly nutrient reduces blood pressure in the body and regulates the heart rate by minimizing the effects of sodium. It conducts electrical charges that drive muscular contraction in the skeletal system including the heart.

Dietary fiber helps reduce cholesterol by preventing its absorption in the gut. It lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), while elevating good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. It decreases the triglyceride levels, which is one of the main causes of heart attacks.

2. Resistance against infections:

Breadfruit contains good amounts of antioxidants, which help the body to develop resistance against infectious agents. It also scavenges harmful free radicals from the body that lead to aging and other age-related diseases.

3. Source of Energy:

One cup of breadfruit provides 60 grams of carbohydrates, the primary source of energy in the body. It is very beneficial for athletes and gym goers.

4. Diabetes:

Fiber in breadfruit inhibits the absorption of glucose from the food we eat, thus controlling diabetes. It contains compounds, which are needed by the pancreas for producing insulin in the body.

5. Aids digestion:

Fiber in breadfruit flushes out the toxins from the intestine, aiding in proper functioning of the bowel and intestines. It prevents digestion- related diseases like heartburn, acidity, ulcer and gastritis, eliminating toxic compounds from the gut. Breadfruit protects the colon’s mucous membrane by warding off cancer-causing chemicals from the colon.

6. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids:Breadfruit contains relatively high amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are vital for the proper development of the mind and body.

7. Dental health:

Eating toasted breadfruit flower can help relieve toothache. Applying crushed breadfruit leaves on the tongue can also cure thrush.

Breadfruit Skin benefits

8. Prevents Excessive Skin Inflammation:

Fresh breadfruit extracts may help to reduce unwanted inflammation. It inhibits the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes and prevents the overproduction of nitric oxides, thus preventing excessive inflammation.

9. Collagen Production:

Drinking breadfruit juice helps to even out the skin tone and firm the skin by rejuvenating its appearance. The high amount of Vitamin C in breadfruit helps in the production of collagen, a protein which provides

elasticity to the skin.

10. Encourages New Cell Growth:

The antioxidants in breadfruit provide an effective shield against sun rays

and sun damage. It also encourages the growth of new cells to make the

damaged skin appear smooth and young.

11. Cures Skin Infections:

Ashes of the breadfruit leaves are useful for curing skin infections.

12. Treats Skin Diseases:

The latex of the breadfruit tree is applied on skin surfaces affected by skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and inflammation.

Breadfruit Hair benefits

13. Nourishes Hair:

Breadfruit contains several hair-friendly nutrients, which are required for maintaining the health of the hair. Vitamin C in breadfruit facilitates the absorption of minerals and provides nourishment to the hair.

14. Treats Dandruff, Itchiness & Hair Breakage: Breadfruit is a good source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which naturally condition the hair, reducing hair breakage. The fatty acids present in breadfruit regulate the sebum production in the scalp, reducing dandruff and itchiness. It also inhibits scalp inflammation and cell death, preventing hair loss.

15. Promotes Hair Growth:

The moderate amounts of iron in breadfruit improve blood circulation in the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles to promote hair growth.

Breadfruit contains moderate levels of essential vitamins and minerals.



✔️clove powder

✔️Cinnamon powder




🥃Mix together 

use to wash your mouth every morning and night

Twice in a day.

Natural remedy for(KNEE PAINS)

10 Tips to Strengthen Your Knees and Keep Them Healthy.

The knees are the largest body joints, and they are responsible for the stability, support, and flexibility of the legs, so they help us walk, run, jump, stand, crouch and turn around.

This means that you should take proper care to maintain their health in order to prevent serious issues, as weak knees affect the mobility and significantly impedes everyday activities.

Knees weaken with age, so elder people more commonly face problems with them, however, any person regardless of the age can experience such problems.

The weakness in the knees may be a result of various factors, including sedentary lifestyles, smoking, knee strain or injury, excess sodium intake, alcohol, or an osteoarthritis in the knee, which is caused by tear and wear on the knee parts.

Weak knees or pain in the knees may be treated naturally, through lifestyle and dietary changes. Here are 10 ways to strengthen the knees and avoid such problems:


Calcium is of highest importance for the bones, so its deficiency leads to thinning and weakening of bones, and thus, to osteoporosis. As our body does not produce calcium naturally, you need to supply it through supplements and dietary sources.

Calcium can be obtained through edamame, cheese, milk, almonds, dark leafy greens, sardines, calcium-fortified cereals, blackstrap molasses, and fortified orange juice.

In case you decide to take it through supplements, make sure you choose the ones with vitamin D as well, as it helps the calcium absorption. Your doctor will recommend the proper dosage.

2. Anti-inflammatory Foods

Pain and weakness of knees may also be caused by inflammation, so you should consume anti-inflammatory foods, which include spinach, ginger, turmeric, walnuts, flaxseeds, salmon, olive oil, avocados, tart cherries,  blueberries, and sweet potatoes. On the other hand, you should avoid inflammatory foods like soda, white rice, sugary foods, white flour products, and foods high in saturated fats.

3. Swimming

The low-impact aerobic exercise swimming can be of great help in the case of knee pain and arthritis, as it is an overall fitness, and strengthens the bones, the muscles of the knee joints, and reduces the stiffness of the knees. 

You should swim 30 minutes on a daily basis, and the most effective swimming strokes are butterfly stroke, backstroke, and front crawl. You should also avoid breaststroke, as it applies great pressure on the joints of the knees.

4. Exercises

Exercises strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee and thus improves their condition. It also strengthens the knee bones and positions and aligns the joints.

Some of the most beneficial exercises include knee bends, lunges, straight-leg raises, step-ups, hamstring stretches with thigh contraction, single-leg squats, and squats with a Swiss ball.

You should perform these exercises half an hour, 4-5 times a week. In case you experience pain or stiffness, consult your doctor for another treatment. 

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for the formation of the main components of knee cartilage – collagen. It is crucial for the proper development of bones, for the quality of bone matrix, and synthesis of collagen.

Additionally, it reduces the risk of fractures and enhances the bone mass density.

You can either take it in the form of supplements, such as capsules and chewable tablets, according to the advice of your doctor, or you can increase its levels naturally, by consuming foods like lemon, spinach, berries, bell peppers, broccoli, oranges, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.

6. Epsom Salt

In general, people with weak knees, or the ones who experience knee pain due to rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis, have extremely low levels of magnesium.

Therefore, since Epsom salt is high in this mineral, it can significantly reduce the intensity of the issues. It alleviates the inflammation around the knee joints and enables a proper functioning of muscles since it supports the calcium absorption.

You should dissolve 2 tablespoons of it in half a cup of water, and soak a washcloth in the solution. Then, apply it on the knees, and leave it thus for 15-20 minutes, and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice a week.

Furthermore, you can enjoy an Epsom salt bath once or twice a week. Just add a cup of salt in a warm bath, and soak in it for at least 20 minutes.

7. Vitamin D

Since it is a threshold nutrient for a perfect health of the joints and bones, the deficiency of this vitamin causes an increased risk of minimal trauma fractures and bone loss.

Also, if the body lacks vitamin D, it will not be able to absorb enough calcium. The body produces this vitamin when exposed to the sun, so make sure you spend at least 15 minutes a day under the sun, early in the morning.

Other sources of this vitamin include dairy products, fish, cod liver oil, fortified cereals, and egg yolks. Your doctor may also recommend some supplements.

8. Massage

A massage therapy is another effective way to treat knee pain and strengthen the knee area. If done regularly, it will improve circulation and provide more nutrients.

Rub the knees with firm, but gentle movements, using warm coconut, mustard, or olive oil, clockwise and counter-clockwise, for 10-15 minutes. If needed, massage the area twice a day. In case you suffer from a chronic knee pain, you should consult an experienced massage therapist.

9. Fish Oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which enhance the bone density and strengthen the joints of the knee. It also has potent anti-inflammatory properties, which alleviate the stiffness and joint pain.

According to a 2006 study, published in The International Journal of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience, subjects who took EPA from fish oil in amount of 1,200 milligrams consume cold-water fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel twice a week, or take up to 6 grams of fish oil, (at least 30% DHA/EPA) two times daily.

10. Healthy Weight

Excess body weight applies much more pressure on the knees, as joints need to do much more work, and they weaken. Obesity raises the risk of hip or knee replacement. Therefore, it is of great importance to lose excess pounds in order to enhance the strength and stability of the knees.

You should also follow these additional tips:

You should not wear high-heeled shoes always

You should not smoke and drink

You should not stand or sit in the same position for a long time

Yoga poses provide great relief

You should drink more fluids to soften the cartilage.

Avoid activities that intensify the knee pain

Cycling and walking greatly strengthen your knees

Limit the intake of salt, as it causes calcium loss

Avoid practices which include sudden movements, twisting, stopping, jumping.


1. EYES SCRATCHING; Mix white Onion with Honey and drop it into your eyes.

2. STOMACH PAIN; The person that has stomach pain, mix ground bitter leaf with Pure honey use two table spoon after meal.

3. WOUND; Grind Bitter leaf with Pure Honey rub it.

4. CHILDREN TOOTH-ACHE; Mix lime juice, with honey , give him one spoon 3 times daily.

5. TUBERCULOSIS; Grind ginger atale, salt, Garlic and Bitter- Kola use them with Pure Honey use table spoon 3 times daily.

6. SLEEPLESSNESS; Drink honey every night.

7. MENSURATION PROBLEM; Use 4 tablespoon of honey of honey 4 times daily.

8. RHEUMATISM; Grind Bitter leaves with Pure Honey use to rub it and take 2 tablespoon 3 times daily.

9. WITLOW OR BOIL; Grind Bean, mutter, with Pure Honey use it to rub the place.

10. ULCER; Use 3 spoons of honey early in the morning 1 hour before breakfast.

11. SEMEN BOOT (Fun ato kiki); Mix one egg wit 5 Tablespoons of Honey . use it immediately.

12. ASTHMA; Mix snail water (Omi Igbin) with Honey .Usage . ADULT 3 Tablespoons 3 times .

Children 1 Tablespoon 3 Times.

14. EARACHE; Get warm Water with Small Salt and mix with Pure Honey . Usage. Put a drop inside it.

15. MOUTHACHE; Mix lime juice, Salt with Pure Honey use it to wash your month 3 times daily.

16. MEASLES; Grind Bitter leave with Pure Honey use it to Rub the body and take 2 tablespoons full 3 times daily.

17. STOMACH PAIN AFTER DELIVERY; Use 2 spoons Honey 3 times daily.

18. BED-WETTING; 2 teaspoon of Pure Honey every night.

19. COUGH; Mix Honey grinded bitter kola

(OROGBO ) use one spoon 3 times daily

20. Always use honey to drink pap (OGI ) or TEA.

21. RED EYES ; Use pure Honey 2 times a day.

22. RUNNING STOMACH; Ground Cucuribitaasess

( EWE EJIRIN) together with Honey and use 3 times daily.

23. DIABETES; Water from Bitter leaf mix together with Pure Honey and use it 3 times daily.

24. STROKE; Mix your urine with Pure Honey and take 3 spoon morning and Night.

25. HYPERTENSION; Grind Garlic with Pure Honey and take 3 spoon Morning and Night.

26. MANPOWER; Use Unripe plantain, boil one with Pure Honey.

27. BLOOD MEDICINE; Ground Bitter-leaf and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

28. RUNNING STOMACH; Mix salt together with Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

29. SKIN SMOOTHEN; Mix Pure Honey together with coconut oil and rub it on your body.

30. FOR SHAVING; Mix Poplitionaces (ETU ) with Pure Honey and rub it after shaving.

31. SKIN DISEASE; Ground graminces (eru awonka) and Sulphur (IMU OJO) with Pure Honey and rub it on the affected parts of the body.

32. WORM; Mix salt and lime juice with Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

33. IRREGULAR-MENSTRATIONS; Grand GARLIC and mix it with lime juices and Pure Honey and use it 3 times daily.

34. TYPHOID FEVER; Grand Garlic mix it with egg and Pure Honey and use 4 spoons 3 times daily.

35. FIRE BURNS; Use Pure Honey to rub the affected part.

36. CHILDREN RASHES; Ground Gramicees (ERU AWOKA) Poplitionazees (ETU) Sulphur (Immi OJO) with Pure Honey and rub it to affected part of the body.

37. BLOOD; Mix Lime juice and Fresh egg and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

38. BODY HEAT ; Get liquid from Bitter leaf and mix it with Salt and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

39. STOMACH-PAIN; Use Salt and Saint –leaf (EWE EFIRIN) together with Pure Honey and use it 3 spoon 3 times daily.

40. GONORRHEA; Lemon juice mix with small mutters and Pure Honey and use 3spoon 3 times daily.

41. DIABETES; Use Pure Honey to drink Pap or Tea.

42. Starting from 40 years, use Pure Honey to drink Pap or Tea and it is for good health.

43. To reduce fatness ; Use Corn silk as a tea with Pure Honey .

44. FOR OLD AGE; Use Pure Honey to drink.

45. HEADACHE; Lime juice with Pure Honey and take 3 times daily.


Don’t Pull That Teeth.

If you are experiencing sharp pain within or around your teeth, do not panic. 

Do not waste your money on painkillers, do not try pulling off the innocent tooth or teeth. 

Stubborn worms have infiltrated your teeth and the surrounding gums housing the teeth as a result of bacteria and germs from food leftovers in the mouth.

 There is a remedy. 

Take 5 to 7 fresh leaves of lime orange, squeeze together and apply in the region you have the pain.

 Allow it to stay in that teeth region for about 5mins, then put 5ml of hot local gin drink (ogogoro), allow it to stay for 5mins .

and finally rinse the mouth with the hot drink in your mouth.

 Repeat for 2 days. All the worms in the teeth will die.

Tested and trusted.


👉Get one big Onion, Garlic and Ginger.

👉Cut them into pieces and put it inside one air tight container.

👉Boil hot water and pour it into the mixture inside the container, leave it for 24hrs.

DOSAGE: Take half glass in morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed

NB: This Remedy can also burns fat, Clean your system and help boost immune system.


Are you in shortage of Blood? Worry no more !!!. Build your Blood back with this Blood Leaf.

–  English name:St John’s worth

–  Yoruba called it Ewe Ajeri

–  Igbo called it Obara

–  Locally called ‘Hospital too far leaves’

This maybe Scriptural Reason Jehovah witnesses always refuses blood transfusion till date but they use this leaf as an alternative to build up blood.


Pluck the leaves, wash it thoroughly and

Boil for 25 minutes. Allow it to cool down before you we drinking.

Add milk when you want to drink though this is not a must, it depends on how you want it. You can drink it without milk too, This leaf instantly build your blood back. It even looks look like blood when Fully boiled with water and Turn to Pink when milk is added. Don’t be deceived, no blood tonic is as effective as this leaves! If you take for say a week, a week is even too long, take for 5 days and go for blood test, do  (Pack Cell Volume) and you will be surprised at the result.


To Naturally disinfect Your toilet

All you need is just one ingredient

Get some unripe lemon/lime.

Extract the juice from the lemon/lime.

Put it in a spray bottle and use it same way you use germicide/disinfectant for your toilet.

And always remember to use it if a visitor uses your toilet.

Also, don’t forget to have it in a small bottle in your bag and always use it when you use other people’s toilet or a public toilet.

When washing your toilet sprinkle some salt or baking soda around your toilet bowl. 

Wear a cleaning gloves and using the flesh side of the half lime, scrub beneath the rim and the area where the water reaches and use the toilet brush to scrub thoroughly and deeper into the bowl.

Add baking soda to the lime to get effective White results.

Stay Healthy.


For centuries; traditional healers in various cultures have relied on the effectiveness of mango leaves in curing diabetes and other illnesses. The matured leaves are not used in this case but the tender leaves; tender mango leaves are rich in anthocyanidins, these are tannins that help in curing diabetes.Did you know that that apart from the mango fruit the leaves of mangoes have good medicinal healing to offer as well? Traditional healers boil young mango leaves in water and use it for treating numerous conditions and diseases

If you take a closer look at mango leaves, you can notice that they are pretty much the same as any other leaves, namely, they are our anti-malaria drink by our parent. In the beginning, they have a deep red color that turns green as they grow ripen.

The mango trees are easily accessible around our houses,  playground and farms in Africa.The leaves are usually not widely used, but the efficacy of this mango leaves can help us with various health problems as a herbal medicine.  Growing up in the Southern part of Nigeria, I recall our parents used mango leaves as an essential ingredient added to the dogon yaro leaves,lemon grass leaves, with mango tree barks to make our Malaria hot tea concotion drink and malaria Bath cleansing agent.

 Also, the mango leaves contain the enzyme papain, which is also present in papaya.Mango leaves have abundant amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, phenols and flavonoids. They are also very powerful anti-oxidants. Because of the presence of all these ingredients, mango leaves have a huge impact on our health.



Treating Diabetes (contain tannins and anthocyanins)

Mango leaves contain tannins and anthocyanins, which help to treat diabetes early. Mango leaves tea is very good for helping to treat diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy. It also helps to treat hyperglycemia. The leaves contain a compound called taraxerol-3beta, and the ethyl acetate extract that has a synergy with insulin and stimulates the synthesis of glycogen.

How to use mango leaves for diabetes correctly is grab 3-4 slice of mango leaves, wash it, then boil it. Let the cooking water and mango leaves after boiling until the next day. In the morning, strain the water concoction  of mango leaves we made last night, and drink on an empty stomach. You can add a little honey,Lemon and Lime.

Drying mango leaves is another way to use them as medicine.

The leaves are dried in a shade then ground into fine powder.

2 tablespoons of the powder are added to a cup of hot water and allowed to steep for 5 minutes.

Strain it and then your drink is ready.

You can add honey or lemon or lime juice for taste and to make it more effective .


The benefits of mango leaves are also rarely known as fertility herbal medicine. Grind smoothly To Puree onion and two cloves of mango leaves, then brew it with a half glass of hot water and drink regularly.


While using the mango leaves the leptin hormone production increases and helps to regulate fat accumulation in the body. Adding the leaves of mango to dietary nutrition improves the elimination of fats. The vitamins of the group (B) in the leaves stimulate the liver, helping to burn and remove carbohydrates, which are deposited as fat. The leaves activate the removal of fats from the body. 

How to use  Mango Leaf Tea for weight loss


3-4 mango leaves



To start off, boil three to four mango leaves in a small pot of water.After it Has finished boiling, let these leaves sit in the water overnight, to maximize the amount of mango extract left in the water.Strain the leaves and drink the remaining solution first thing in the morning.Drinking it on an empty stomach ensures that you will absorb as much of the mango leave’s diabetes-fighting nutrients as possible.


The authors of Health added that drinking the mango leaves tea may helps the treatment of hypertension, and to strengthen the fragile blood vessels that can cause hypertension.

 Its recommended to drink a cup of mango leaves tea every day to helps treating hypertension. Mango leaves helps to lower blood pressure because it has hypotensive properties. It also helps to strengthen the blood vessels and treat the problem of varicose veins.


Mango leaves not many people knows that an old mango leaves are useful for the treatment of unhealthy gums and teeth. But it can also be used for dental care of the gums and teeth for normal people.

 The trick is to pluck some old mango leaves and clean it properly.After that steeping mango leaves and then brew it with hot water until the water is turning yellowish. This boiled mango leaves can be used for the treatment of teeth and gums. It will take the salt in our mouth when we’re rinsing it.


The mango leaves also can convert fats into pure energy and thereby increases the burning of more calories. Active ingredients of mango leaves reduce the appetite and desire to eat more, which will help during a diet without unnecessary snacks. The content of potassium in the leaves of mango is extensive. This mineral excludes the delay of excess fluid in the body. And thanks to pectin and vegetable fiber, mango leaves improve digestion and metabolism, which is also essential in losing weight. All these properties make it possible to have excellent achievements in weight loss and transition to a healthy diet. 


To treat gout, we need some young mango leaves. clean then brewed it with hot water, until the water becomes yellowish stew. Then drink it. This recipe was believed  to relieve the symptoms of gout.Or you can also use it in other way:Put the young mango leaves in a mug, then add hot water up to one cup. wait until it’s colour changes to brown, then add a little white sugar Or a little honey. Drink the infusion of young mango leaves every morning and night.


Soak mango leaves in a cup of water overnight. Then, strain the water and drink it. This should relieve your symptoms.


This condition is basically induced by anxiety and it’s an issue which leads us to a situation where we are unable to find a solution to the problem, but only sink even deeper into it.

To relieve restlessness, you can prepare different types of water remedies using the mango leaves. You can either prepare the above mentioned tea or just add the leaves in a bath water.It has a double effect, it refreshes your body and treats the restlessness.


Mango leaves can also be used in the treatment of respiratory issues, such as asthma, cold and others.

Just boil some water and then add dry mango leaves in it. Add some honey to it and you have a remedy for a cough or any other respiratory issue.


Take a few dried mango leaves and crush them till they are powder. Then add them to a glass of water and drink this 3 times per day. This is very effective way to stop dysentery.


Mango leaves are traditionally turned into ash and used for treating skin burns. The same medicinal benefit may be attained by washing affected areas of the body with tea out of mango leaves that’s cooled to room temperature. 

For severe skin burns, however, do seek the help of a doctor immediately.To heal burns, you have to burn the mango leaves and then keep the ashes. Apply the ashes directly to the affected area. It will immediately relieve you from the pain but also speeds up the healing process. The mango leaves ashes can be applied to burns on the skin or scalds.


Mango leaves offer a very simple way of healing earaches.

 First, extract the juice from the leaves. Then, take 1 tbsp of the juice and heat it. Use the heated juice as ear drops to get rid of the pain.  


A lot of people can attest to the effectiveness of drinking tea out of young mango leaves or powdered mango leaves in dissolving kidney stones, thus keeping at bay severe pain that is associated when passing large kidney stones. Other than that, mango leaves are also known to help dissolve gallbladder stones.


Consuming tea out of mango leaves is said to be very helpful for people with high stress levels. The same is true for those who are battling anxiety. You may also attain mind and body relaxation by adding fresh mango leaves to lukewarm bathwater, and then soaking in it for several minutes or until your stress or anxiety is gone.


Mango leaves are traditionally turned into ash and used for treating skin burns. The same medicinal benefit may be attained by washing affected areas of the body with tea out of mango leaves that’s cooled to room temperature. For severe skin burns, however, do seek the help of a doctor immediately.

Side effect and how to consume?

No side effects if you consume the mango leaves. How to consume depends on your goals. You need to remember, that excessive consumption may lead to digestive problems.

Onions For Sexual Health:

(Chewing raw garlic first thing in the morning on empty stomach boost your Libido..)

Onion is known as one of the greatest aphrodisiac foods, It helps increase libido and also strengthens the reproductive organs.

Onions also increase the testosterone levels in the body and can help in  increasing the sexual stamina.


Onions can be eaten raw or in JUICE form.

You can cut an onion into four before throwing into the blender; the resulting juice is great for your sexual stamina. The juice is bitter and you should sip it slowly so that it doesn’t shock your system.

Adding garlic to the juice is also a great idea and will boost your sexual potency.


Method of preparation:

get orange peel.

 wash it with clean water.

 put it in ur kettle,slice ur lime orange.

add it and pour clean water to boil it .

seive and drink a glass twice a day.


*Helps in improving digestion.

*Increase the metabolism.

*Helps in improving the oral health.

*Helps in loosing weight.

*Burns belly fat

*Cures and prevent cancer of any kind

*Makes the skin glow

*Used to make skin healthy.

*Lowers the level of cholesterol in the body.

*Reducing the heartburn.

*Clears cold and catarrh


 Carriander leave 

How to use it:

1. Cut the leaves into pieces.

2. Rinse in clean water.

3. Put in a clean pot and water.

4. Boil for 10mins.

5. Filter it in a bottle.

Allow to cool and take a glass cup. 

 When you urinate check your urine. 

 You will notice the salt in the body and some other diseases that can affect your KIDNEY will pass through your urine.



Please Stop sitting as if you are in the labour room; Opening

your legs for your son to see your inner tight & pant.


Please Don’t wear ordinary boxers at home that you sit

down,Open your legs and your ‘thing’ is dangling and your

daughter is seeing it.

There are things you should not wear beyond your bedroom,

just for your spouse.

Don’t say because you want to enjoy your freedom in your


It is not your house alone, it’s a family house/home.

You are putting your children into sexual bondage through

these acts.i know you may not understand it but,


Wearing ordinary bra around the house in the presence of your

sons is dangerous.

No, they won’t lust after you. 

But you might be increasing their

curiosity to see the breasts of ladies out there.


Wearing ordinary Boxers around your house in the presence of

your daughters is dangerous too.

Not that your daughters will lust after you but it make them to

actually see how the real thing is.


Let’s stop being ‘PORNOGRAPHY MATERIALS’to our children.

Raising sexually pure children, it begins at home.’

As parents, it is still yout responsibility to build virtue into your


If your Children are not properly groomed, they may never get

to the top in life, even if you the parents are at the top of your

respective careers.

MANNERS take you to where your education can’t irrespective

of your status , money or “who you know”.

PLEASE MUMS & DADS, take note of what you just read now.

Don’t make mistakes that will bring you pain and sorrow in the


Don’t say you are not married, you will soon get married,

please put this into practice.

Remember a child’s mind is like a video camera, it records

everything as it sees or hear it. 

A replay of it will tell you the

things you have done how you did or say it.

May God bless you and your wonderful homes.


The appropriate Blood Sugar level is between 75 to 110. Once you have a higher reading that is above 120, then it is possible you start to experience the followings, which is a sign that you are Diabetic, and may eventually means you have Diabetes.

– Sugar Ants converging over the area where you have just Intimated.

– Feeling tired all the time

– Pains in all the areas of your feet

– Numbness in your hands 

– Sweating and loosing body mass (weight) 


1. Garden Eggs

2. Cucumbers

3. Fresh Okra 


Eat a lot of fresh Garden Eggs and Cucumbers that you can take on empty stomach every morning and flush it down your belly with a glass of fresh Okra that you would have cut into pieces and soak in clean water over night.

 Do this for 21 days and before the 21 days you can constantly check your Sugar level so that it won’t go down more than the acceptable level.



Did you know that bitter gourd is not really a vegetable but a fruit? Amongst fruits, it is the most bitter .The part of the plant that is used for consumption and for various medicinal purposes is the fruit and leaves of the bitter squash. While we’ve been so busy condemning its bitter taste, we’ve not only overlooked this fact but also the wide range of benefits that drinking bitter gourd juice offers.

Bitter gourd leaf (ewe ejirin in Yoruba) has diverse healing properties and its blood sugar lowering action has been clinically validated. Also, used as liver tonic, anti tumor, anti cancer, immune system stimulant, antioxidant, antibacterial and cholesterol reducer. 


Bitter gourd juice contains a train of important nutrients ranging from iron, magnesium and vitamin to potassium and vitamin C.  An excellent source of dietary fiber, it also contains twice the calcium of spinach, beta-carotene of broccoli, and the potassium of a banana. 

It also has good antioxidants,folate, Vitamin A, B-complex, flavonoids and zinc.


Controls High Blood Sugar:

Bitter Gourd is known to control high blood sugar and moderate insulin resistance, thereby preventing diabetes. Regular consumption of this tea has even reduced abnormally high sugar levels in type II diabetics. The vegetable contains a plant insulin named polypeptide-P, which lowers blood sugar. It also contains a component named charantin that enhances glucose uptake. It’s leave used as tea and juice for this reason, is an alternative treatment for diabetes. It’s juice also acts as a blood purifier.

Nevertheless, people with hypoglycemia or low blood sugar are warned against taking this herbal supplement. Any decisions to change medical treatment should always involve your doctor. Besides, though it does control blood sugar levels,  butter gourd leaves or tea is not a stand-alone treatment choice for diabetes.

 Lowers bad cholesterol levels

“Bitter gourd juice is anti-inflammatory and

also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Thereby, it significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.” It also maintains the blood pressure of the body as it is rich in potassium, which absorbs excessive sodium in the body. It is rich in iron and folic acid which are known to decrease the risk of stroke and keep your heart healthy.

For glowing skin and lustrous hair

Longing for that flawless skin that bitter gourd juice has powerful anti-oxidants along with vitamin A and C which prevent premature skin ageing and diminishes wrinkles. Furthermore, it reduces acne, aids in treating eczema and psoriasis, as well as protects the skin from the harmful UV rays.

The nutrients vitamin A, vitamin C, Biotin and Zinc impart shine and lustre to your locks. ?

Applying bitter gourd juice regularly to your scalp can decrease hair loss and greying of hair, treat split-ends and rough hair, shrug off dandruff, and combat itchiness. 

You can apply bitter gourd juice directly to stop hair fall or mix it with some curd and massage on your scalp and hair for conditioning. 

To treat dandruff, you can make a hair mask with bitter gourd juice, cumin seed paste and a tablespoon of lime juice. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse. 

 Cures hangovers and cleanses the liver

Got too much alcohol in your system after a crazy night of partying? You can get rid of it quite swiftly by sipping some bitter gourd juice which wipes out alcoholic intoxication settled in your liver. The juice cleanses your bowel as well as heals many liver problems. Published in the International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition, a study concluded that a compound called Momordica Charantia provides protection against liver failure by strengthening anti-oxidant activity of the enzymes in the liver. It also boosts the functioning of your bladder.

Helps in weight loss

Bitter gourd is low in calories, fat and carbohydrates. It keeps you full for longer and hence, it can easily fit in your weight loss plan. In a 2010 issue of a report published in the Journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, it was disclosed that extracts of bitter gourd helped in the dislocation of human fat cells and also hindered the formation and growth of new fat cells. It was further concluded that bitter gourd can be viewed as a natural agent for treating obesity.

Prevents Obesity:

The herbal supplement prevents the storage of fat cells in the body. Bitter gourd leaves tea accomplishes this by breaking down triglycerides and fatty acids so that they are metabolized rather than stored. This efficiently prevents obesity, and as a bonus also reduces high blood pressure.

Slows Aging:

The tea has vitamin C, which acts a natural boost to your skin. The vitamin helps vitalize the tissues by flushing out toxins and building new cells. Since vitamin C aids in wound healing, gohyahtea can correct imperfections. The vitamin is also an antioxidant, flushing out free radicals that damage your body and make you age faster.

 Fights Cancer:

Bitter Gourd is extremely beneficial to protect yourself against the known and unknown health risks. Its store of phytonutrients sweep through the body, neutralizing harmful oxidative damage to individual cells. Potential cancer-causing cells are rendered normal with these powerful antioxidants.

Treats Infections:

Bitter gourd is lauded across the globe for its medicinal properties. Similarly, bitter gourd tea can also treat minor infections owing to its antimicrobial qualities. Heal fever, cough and infected wounds naturally with this herbal alternative.

Eye problems. 

Amplaya juice is also used to treat eye related problems that include sty and sore eyes. It is thought to improve eyesight and prevents the development of cataract.

Respiratory ailments. 

The juice from fruit and leaves are used to treat various respiratory problems that may include, asthma, wheezing cough, bronchitis and pharyngitis.

Stomach problems. 

Bitter gourd leaf extract is a folkloric remedy for various stomach ache and problems that include indigestion, dyspepsia, parasite infestation, diarrhea and constipation.

Boosts the immune system.  

Bitter gourd is also used to boost the immune system and as a supplement to build body resistance during sickness.

HIV virus. 

Bitter gourd is also being considered as treatment of viral diseases that include HIV, malaria, chicken fox and measles.


Bitter gourd tea is taken as a remedy for pain and discomfort associated to menopause.

Anti-inflammatory activity. 

Its leaf extract combined with coconut oil is used to alleviate inflammation and pain associated to gout, arthritis, rheumatism and other body pains.

Cholesterol control. 

Bitter gourd leaves is also widely consumed to lower the cholesterol level in the blood that helps to prevent the build up of plaque along the arterial walls.


Ampalaya is used as astringent to treat hemorrhoids.


It has been used in folkloric medicine as an abortificient and as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.

Bitter Gourd Tea Preparation

Draw thin slices from bitter gourd

Leave the skin intact

You can also use leaves from the plant

Take the slices or leaves and add to boiling water

Boil for five to ten minutes until the slices/leaves steep

Remove the slices/leaves and serve the broth

You can add sweeteners to mask the bitter taste.

How to reduce the bitterness 

A quick tip to reduce the bitterness of the drink is to add some honey or jaggery to it or pair it with sweet fruits like apple or pears. You can even add lemon juice to lessen the harsh taste of bitter melon juice. A pinch of black pepper and ginger can also decrease the tartness. The taste however, needs to be developed because contrary to its name bitter gourd is in fact sweet for your health.

📌Preparation & Use process

• For coughs, fever, worms, diarrhea, diabetes, juice leaves and drink a spoonful daily

• For other ailments, the fruit and leaves can both be juiced and taken orally.

• For headaches wounds, burns and skin diseases, apply warmed leaves to afflicted area.

• Powdered leaves, and the root decoction, may be used as stringent and applied to treat hemorrhoids.

You need this urgently. 

This leaf is a cure for stomach ulcer.

 Get a small quantity of it.

 Wash with salt, squeeze hard until u extract some quantity for drinking, and add water just to filter it and drink five times for good results.

It’s called goat weed leave, its also good for women dat experience breasts discharge. 

Boil it together with guave leave and add seven teaspoon of ginger powder to the water you sieve out and take half glass cup first thing in the morning and last thing at night, good luck.

Health Benefit Of Serpentina Leaves 

Common name: King of Bitter

Botanical name :  Andrographis paniculata

Local name: (EWE JOGBOBIOROGBO)(Meje Meje) all Yoruba 

Family name : Acanthaceae

Others name : Creat, Nilavembu, Green chireta, Chuan Xin Lian, Kirayat, King of Bitters, kalmegh, India echinacea, sambiloto, kiryat

The study shows that this plant helps to counteract the diseases such as infections, cancer, heart attacks, blood clots, diabetes, herpes, cold, gall bladder ailments, flu and fever. It also helps to prevent the allergies.

The roots and leaves are used for the medicinal uses.

For the centuries, King of Bitters is used in India, Thailand, China and Asian countries. It is used to eliminate toxins and fevers

The herb is used historically to treat common cold, infections, flu and various diseases. It treats various ailments and diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, swollen lymph nodes, pneumonia, leprosy, sore throats, bronchitis, tuberculosis, coughs, chicken pox, headaches, inflammation, ear infection, mumps and burns. This plant is bitter and possesses immunity enhancing properties that stimulates the immune system of the body. The researchers made by Japanese shows that it also prevents the multiplication of the cancer cells. The studies made in China helps to prevent the formation of blood clot. It is an effective treatment of heart attack and atherosclerosis. It has antioxidant properties which help to regulate diabetes by lowering the content of blood sugar. It is used in folk medicine for the treatment of digestive, urinary systems and cardiovascular problems.

Treat various ailments

The studies conducted on the various respiratory tract infections. Andrographis paniculata possess anticancer, antidiabetic, hepaprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. It has therapeutic agents which help to treat various health ailments. 

Prevent infections

The experiment shows that it possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer, antihyperglycemic, hepatoprotective and antihypoglycemic properties. The presence of andrographolide lowers common cold, sinusitis, HIV symptoms and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Prevents cancer

The extract of Andrographis paniculata prevents the formation of cancer. It interferes in the biomarker of the development of cancer which is caused due to the oxidative stress. It possesses antioxidant properties that act as a scavenger of free radicals. Moreover it regulates the epigenetic and genetic that displays the effect of chemoprotective. 


The extracts of Andrographis paniculata showed the results about the andrographolide compound as an anti-inflammatory property. Its extracts is used to investigate on the benefits and demerits while using to treat the body inflammation. 

Treats diabetes

Diabetes has become the common disease in the world. The study shows that the extract of Indian plants helps to prevent disease and also used to treat cancer. It helps to manage Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, weight gain and suppression of immune. The extracts of the plant promote the uptake of glucose in the fat cells. 

Prevent malaria

The research shows that the herbal combinations could counteract with the malarial parasites effectively. The combination of herbal drug along with curcumin prevents the formation of malarial parasites. 


The study shows that the leaf extracts of A. paniculata, P.guajava and j.curcas possess the antimicrobial properties. It helps to manage the microbes by lowering the pH of preservative solution. The study shows the antimicrobial properties which requires test. The extracts of leaf acts as a biocides to manage the microbes. 

Anti-oxidant properties

The study shows that Andrographis paniculata helps to treat the health problems such as acute diarrhea, respiratory tract infection, skin inflammations, wound healing as well as the bacterial infections. 

Reduce fatigue

The treatment using Andrographis paniculata helps to lower fatigue in the patients who are getting interferon beta treatment. The further study is required to determine the A. paniculata effect on the patients with fatigue. 

Traditional uses

* It is used since ancient times in tribal medicine of India.

* The plant of King of Bitters possesses febrifuge, alternative, tonic, stomachic, cholagogue and anthelmintic properties.

* It treats the liver complaints, constipation, colic, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, dyspepsia, diabetes, general debility, hyper acidity, hookworm infestation, bronchitis, influenza, piles, malaria, swellings, gonorrhea, itches, scabies, stomachache and stomach disorders.

* It is an aid for jaundice and torpid liver.

* It is a cure for poisons of snake venom.

* The infusion of leaves provides relief from griping, loss of appetite and irregular bowels.

* It helps to cure the respiratory infections such as sinusitis and common cold.

* It treats influenza, bronchitis, fever and tonsillitis.

* Traditionally, it was used to improve immune function, urinary infections and acute diarrhea.

* It helps to enhance immunity and used to purify the blood purifier.

* It is also used to treat cholera and leprosy.

* It is the treatment for skin infection, boils, scabies and patches.

* The leaf extract helps to eliminate the stomach worms.

* It treats the scorpion and snake bite.

* It is used against heart disease and reduces high blood sugar.


* The pregnant and breast feeding women should not use King of Bitters.

* It might increase the auto-immune disease symptoms.

* King of Bitters might slow down the clotting of blood. This increases the chances of bleeding.

* It lowers the blood pressure. So it is not safe for the patients of low blood pressure.

* It should not be used by the patients with gallbladder, kidney, cardiac, high blood pressure patients.

* It could worsen the ulcers or lead to heartburn.

* It could result to rashes or lose motions. In such cases, one should discontinue its use.


All this sounds like play but bear in mind that this this were created before human being.

They are powerful with unique abilities. I don’t know what you believe or your religion but I know nature made all this for our HEALING  before the synthetic medicine we know.


Kanafuru (cloves)

Abeere(Hunteria umbellata)

Coconut water 1 litre

Grind kanafuru and abeere together (same quantity) Put 1 table spoon of the solution into 1 litre of coconut water.

Half tea cup a day.




Topic; Tangerine   (Citrus Reticulate)

 Benefits Of Tangerine Fruit            

The tangerine (Citrus tangerina) is an orange-colored citrus fruit that is closely related to, or possibly a type of, mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata).

The name was first used for fruit coming from Tangier, Morocco, described as a mandarin variety. Under the Tanaka classification system,

Tangerines are smaller and less rounded than common oranges. The taste is considered less sour, as well as sweeter and stronger, than that of an orange.

Moragne “tangierines” were grown at Palatka by a Major Atway. Major Atway was said to have imported them from Morocco (capital Tangiers), which was the origin of the name “tangerine”

Tangerines are a specific variant of Mandarin oranges (Citrus Reticulate) which are reddish orange in colour. They belong to the family of Rutaceae and are cultivated mainly in the tropical forests of Southeast Asian provinces. 

Tangerines may be smaller than oranges, but they are several times higher in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as vitamins C & A, calcium, magnesium & selenium, and beta-carotene & luteins

. Tangerines contain anti-viral and anti-cancer properties and are particularly beneficial for colds, fever, flu, arthritis, epstein barr, shingles, constipation, age related macular degeneration, bone repair, neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease, and breast, colon, lung, stomach, ovarian, and prostate cancer. Tangerines are an excellent food to help boost the immune system and keep it functioning at optimum levels

. Their high fiber content also helps to lower cholesterol and protect the heart and cardiovascular system from illness and disease. Tangerines are high in pectin which can significantly improve digestion and elimination. 

Tangerines are also a great weight-loss food that can help to keep you full, satisfied, and full of energy. They are also a perfect food to eat after working out as they can deeply hydrate and replenish the body on a cellular level. Tangerines are typically easy to peel and are sweeter and juicier than oranges which makes them easy to eat out of hand and enjoyable for adults and children alike.

 Tangerine peels can also be added to water and/or tea to provide additional anti-bacterial and medicinal benefits. There are several varieties of tangerines on the market today including clementines, pixie, fall-glo, ponkan, sunburst, and murcott honey.

 Murcott honey tangerines are considered the “royalty” of the tangerine family as they are incredibly sweet and smooth and have a rich flavor and a deep orange flesh.

 Murcott honey tangerines readily grow in Florida and California and are at their peak from late January-March. Tangerines can be made it into a delicious fresh juice that is fortified with an amazing array of nutritional and health benefits.

 Tangerines combine well with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries and are wonderful added to smoothies and salads.

 Tangerines can be found in the fresh produce section of your local supermarket and health food store.

Tangerine Fruit Benefits

Health Benefits Of Tangerine Fruits:

1.Rich Antioxidants Prevent Inflammation:

Oranges are naturally a great source of Vitamins for the human body. And so are the Tangerines, with their rich Vitamin C sources providing the perfect antioxidants required for the body .These antioxidants prevent inflammation in the body.

They are known to prevent the formation of free radicals that make unnecessary oxidation reactions possible which may not be beneficial for the body.

2. Fights Skin Diseases & Arthritis:

Tangerine fruit has been used quite frequently in medical treatments as they fight effectively against skin diseases and arthritis.

3. Heals Cuts & Wounds:

They help in healing minor cuts and wounds 

4. Absorbs Iron from Food:

They also help to absorb iron from food very easily 

5. Restricts Cholesterol Absorption:

Tangerine consists of fibers like pectin and hemi-cellulose that restrict the absorption of cholesterol in the gut which cuts the risk of obesity 

6. Improves Digestion & Prevents Chronic Diseases:

The dietary fiber in this fruit also improves digestion that is good for the overall working of the body (6).

 Also a number of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases can be prevented with proper consumption of tangerines and other orange varieties.

7. High Fiber Content Eases Bowel Movements:

The high fiber content also benefits the bowel movement in your body for which it is preferred and suggested by experts.

Skin benefits of Tangerine:

8. Treats Skin Conditions & Delays Signs of Ageing:

Tangerine is a good source of vitamin A .If you are suffering from any skin diseases, such as acne, pimple, you are encouraged to have plenty of vitamin A and apply products that are derivatives of the vitamin.

 Hence tangerine can be a good option for treating these skin problems. When it comes to healing wounds and other damages to the skin, vitamin A is essential for these, since it helps the skin rebuild tissues.

 If you wish to control or remove any skin aging symptoms such as fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin at bay, vitamin A can be a great help due to its anti aging properties.

9. Offers Smooth & Youthful Skin:

Vitamin C present in Tangerine is also an amazing antioxidant nutrient that helps to lower aging process. In addition antioxidant protects the skin from free radicals. Thus it prevents the chance of certain cancers .

 If you want to maintain a smooth and youthful skin, then vitamin C can help since it stimulates the production of collagen in your skin and collagen is the protein responsible for making your skin supple.

10. Facial Mask for Brighter Skin:

Here we suggest a homemade tangerine facial mask that can be applied to get brighter skin. In addition, this mask will help you to remove extra oil and harmful bacteria, leaving the skin soft, fresh and blemish free 

Take 3 or 4 slices of a tangerine. Discard the seeds. Blend them well and mix one tablespoon each of yogurt and honey with the juice. 

Apply to the face and neck. Leave it for 10-20 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. Apply this mask twice in a week for oily skin and once for normal to dry skin.

Hair benefits of Tangerine:

11. Vitamin A Helps to Moisturize the Sebum in the Scalp:

One of the most important vitamins for health is vitamin A Its antioxidant properties work to condition and moisturize the sebum in the scalp. 

Antioxidants also fight against pollution that weighs down your hair and makes it weaker.

12. Promotes Hair Growth & Delays Hair Greying:

Vitamin B12 reduces hair loss, promotes hair growth and slows down the greying process.

13. Source of Healthy & Shiny Hair:

As mentioned earlier, vitamin C helps to build collagen which is crucial for hair growth. Vitamin C also assists in breaking down iron, another source for healthy hair, so that your body can absorb it

. You can apply tangerine juice with your hair oil to get a healthy and shiny hair.

Cooking /eating tips

For a protein boost, tangerine is used in even fruit salad.

Tangerine juice can be used in noodles and pastas.

You can add the tangerine juice for a refreshing flavor, while baking your cupcake.

Tangerine juice can be used in chicken or fish recipes too.

Storage tips

While selecting tangerines, always look for the heavy one. More weight equals more juice. Store them in the fridge to retain their freshness. If you buy too many tangerines at a one go, rinse them off in cold water and dry them well with a piece of cotton clothes and store them in the fridge.

Tangerine belongs to a special and rare class of fruits that can be eaten everyday due to its low calorie count and high vitamin content. So have you taken a Tangerine today?

Tangerine Nutritional 

The following data is provided from USDA. A serving of tangerines in about a cup which contains 195 grams of its segments contains 103 calories. The daily value percentage of components is:

Fat 1%

Carbohydrate 14%

Vitamin A 27%

Vitamin C 87%

Calcium 7 %

Iron 2%.

Tangerines contain the following nutritional count: carbohydrates 26 grams, proteins 1.6 grams, fat 0.6 grams and minerals close to 455 milligrams. Thus Tangerine is a low saturated fat content type which is a good source for Vitamins and has a major portion of its calories coming from natural sugars.

Tangerines can be consumed directly or via juices. Its peel is used for aroma purposes too.


Nature has it all but mankind is yet to discover how blessed they are with fruits and vegetables around their environment. Pineapple leaves is nature’s pharmacy. It’s a good remedy for body pains. 

Pineapple leaves have a lot of nutrients that are very good for your health. There are various interesting innovations around processed foods made from pineapple leaves, including pineapple leaf crackers,pineapple leave teas, pineapple leaves cookies etc . In addition, pineapple leaves can also be used as a handicraft material, a lot of pineapple leaf craftsmen are currently growing rapidly all over the world. Pineapple leaves tea has worked on various illnesses over the years with amazing healing effects. 

🍍🍍Nutrients Value of Pineapple Leaves🍍🍍

Pineapple Leaves contains

👉Calcium oxalate

👉Bromelin enzyme

👉Pectic substantial





🍍Heal Nosebleeds

For those of you who have a habit or symptoms of nosebleeds when you are too tired or had a stress, you can cure it by drinking boiled water pineapple leaves regularly. To add flavor, you can add it with honey. Just cut some pineapple leaves and clean them properly. Boil in a pot to make tea and drink 2 cups daily. 

🍍Cure TB Disease

Pineapple leaves are also very useful for those of you who have a history of glandular tuberculosis. With the help of pineapple leaf and its beneficial content, there is a chance for your health to be improved and you can heal more effectively.

🍍Heal the Vomiting

Vomiting is one of the diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, to cure it you can use pineapple leaves. There is also some other herbal plant that has similar effect of curing such as Health benefits of Tuba Tuba leaves.

🍍Relieves Flu

For those of you who experience flu and difficult to recover, you can drink boiled water of pineapple leaves regularly after waking up and before waking up. Pineapple boiled water is very good for your throat and also had a chance to reduce your flu. 

🍍Controls Diabetes

Pineapple, being rich in fiber, is a great food for diabetics and intake of pineapple leaves results in improved blood sugar, insulin, and lipid levels.

🍍Relieves Coughing Up Symptom

Not only to relieve flu, pineapple leaves can also relieve cough with phlegm. Phlegm sometime feel very irritating and need to be cured. One of the solution is using the boiled water of pineapple leaves. The leaves can help to reduce your cough. There is also some other leaves that has some benefits like the pineapple leaves, like the Health benefits of Chili leaves.

🍍As a cure to Dysentery disease

Dysentery is one of the digestive diseases, to cure it you can consume boiled water of pineapple leaves.

🍍Cures Diarrhea

Nutritional content in pineapple leaves can cure your diarrhea diseases, especially for those of you who experience diarrhea due to poisoning.

🍍Treat Inflammation of throat

Sore throat other than pain can also affect your appetite, to treat it you can drink boiled pineapple leaves. There is also some other herbal plant that can help you cure your throat such as Health benefits of Eating Mahi Mahi

🍍As a cure to Hemorrhoids disease

There are many health benefits of pineapple leaves. For those of you who want to treat hemorrhoids without surgery, you can use boiled pineapple leaves or capsules. And in addition, surgery should not be the first solution to cure your disease if there is still a chance of herbal plant usage.

🍍Acts a Fever medicine

In addition to treating flu and cough, you can treat a variety of other minor ailments such as fever.

🍍Prevent the TB

In addition to treating tuberculosis, pineapple stew can also prevent TB disease.

🍍As a Drugs for Vein dislocation

Wrong vein or vein dislocation is one of the diseases that are often experienced especially for those of you who like to move. To treat it you can use pineapple leaves.

🍍As a Drugs for Cure and treat Bruises

To treat bruises, you can pound the pineapple leaves and attach them to bruises.

🍍As a Cure to Heal Asthma disease

Asthma is one of the respiratory diseases, characterized by excessive shortness of breath and to remove it you can brew pineapple leaves. 

🍍Smoothing digestion system

For those of you who often experience not smooth digestion system, you can drink boiled pineapple leaves 🍵 tea every morning.

🍍Keeping Bowel and Stomach Healthy

To maintain intestinal health and stomach you can consume pineapple leaves regularly through making it into 🍵 tea. 

🍍As a Drug to Burns

For those of you who want to heal burns faster and effectively, you can take advantage of mashed pineapple leaves. Rub the mashed fiber on your burnt parts to fast track your healing process.


Most people 👪know what the guava fruit can do to our health. But not all of them are aware of the fact that even the leaves have several medicinal properties and boast an array of health benefits. 

Guava leaves are great for your well being, the young leaves of guava tree can be brewed to make a magical tea. These leaves are powerhouse of antioxidants like vitamins, guava leaves are packed with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds and also have beneficial tannins, making them a natural pain reliever. The chemicals contained in the leaves such as carotenoids, polyphenols, tannins, and flavonoids are exceptionally effective in treating several diseases.Guava leaves might seem entirely useless but the health benefits are quite numerous. They contain high amounts of vitamin C, Vitamin A, healthy fibers, potassium and also lycopene. 


 Aid in Weight Loss

If you are planning to lose weight, guava leaves can give you a hand to attain what you want. Guava leaves aids in weight loss by inhibiting the complex starches from being turned into sugars.That’s because Guava tea prevent carbohydrates from turning into sugar thereby suppressing your appetite. Eventually, by eating less calories you will be able to shed off the extra pounds.

👉Drink fresh Guava leaves and tea for this weight loss result. 

Sperm Boost & Production

People with low sperm count can count on the power of guava leaves. It has been proven to be effective in increasing sperm count without side-effects.

👉For sperm boosting; get good quantity of guava leaves and carrots. Wash properly, slice the carrots and put them at the base of your pot, put the guava leaves on it and boil till it is properly done. Take a glass cup of the water solution morning and night. You can prepare another fresh water solution if the concentration is getting low! Try to abstain from sex while taking the herbs to allow proper build up, you can take a week off, after taking the herb for a week.

It balances female hormones 

when mixed with ginger they treat hormonal imbalance. Make your guava tea with either fresh or dried leaves . Drink twice daily .

 Beneficial for Diabetics

Guava leaf tea can effectively lower blood sugar levels by reducing alpha-glucosidase enzyme activity, according to a study conducted by Yakult Central Institute in Japan. It also prevents the absorption of maltose and sucrose by the body, lowering blood sugar level in return. 

👉Drink guava leaf tea for 12 weeks to lower blood sugar levels without increasing your insulin production.

Lower Cholesterol

Guava leaves are found out to be a great liver tonic. In was also proven in research that drinking guava leaf tea for 3 months lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing your LDL cholesterol and triglycerides without any adverse effect on your HDL.

Treatment of Diarrhea and Dysentery

Another effective way for treating dysentery and diarrhea is by using the power of the guava leaves.👉 If you want to treat diarrhea, boil 30 grams of guava leaves in 1-2 glasses of water and add in a handful of rice flour to make a concoction. Drink this twice daily until symptoms subside. On the other hand, in case of dysentery, cut the leaves and roots of a guava plant and boil them for 20 minutes. Strain the water and drink it in moderation until relieved.

Treatment of Bronchitis

Guava leaf tea is effective in treating bronchitis by loosening mucus, opening up the lungs, and soothing coughs.

 Prostate Cancer

Studies reveal that guava leaves are effective against prostate enlargement and prostate cancer.

Treatment of Wounds and Infections

The antibacterial properties found in guava leaves helps in treating wounds such as abrasions, wounds, etc. Guava leaves prevent the spread of infection and reduce inflammation to promote fast healing.

When it comes to skincare, guava leaves can greatly help in improving your skin and treatment of various skin disorders. Following are the benefits of guava leaves for the skin.

Treatment of Acne and Black spots

The antiseptic compounds found in guava leaves can kill acne-causing bacteria, thus helping you get rid of black spots and acne from your skin. Mash some guava leaves and apply it directly to the affected area. Rinse with warm water after some time. Do this daily to attain a clear looking skin.

Removal of Blackheads

Blend guava leaves with little water and use it as a scrub on your nose to get rid of nasty blackheads.

 Anti-aging Benefits

The active anti-oxidants contained in the guava leaves fight off free radicals that cause damage to our skin. It protects your skin from aging, improves skin tone and texture as well.

 Relieves Itching

Skin itching, no matter what the cause may lead to serious problems if not given immediate attention. Using guava leaves may serve as an instant cure for itchiness as they contain compounds that block allergy.

👇Guava Leaves Benefits For Hair

Being rich in nutrients and antioxidants, guava leaves help in promoting healthy hair growth.

Natural Remedy for Hair Loss💇

Hair loss and hair fall bring about embarrassment if not treated immediately. 

Option (1) To stop this from happening and if you want your hair to grow back, boil a handful of guava leaves in 1 liter of water for about 20 minutes. Let it cool and apply it on your scalp and massage it carefully. Rinse with water after 10 minutes. Do this procedure daily until you see visible results.

Massaging your scalp with this solution will  allow regeneration of hair and also prevent any further hair loss.

Option (2): Make paste of guava leaves and rub into your 💇 hair roots to stay for about 1 hour and wash off.Do this process 3 to 4 times in a week..

The guava leaves is the best natural solution for hair loss.

How to Process Guava Leaves for Traditional Medicine

👉Take 4-5 guava leaves,Wash the leaves till it gets clean.Then, boil the guava leaves with 1 liter water,When it gets boiled, then filter it,Pour the water, that’s the extract waterIt’s ready now to drink Also, you can add honey to make it perfect.

Meanwhile, the recommendation is you need to drink 100 ml guava leaves extract water for once in two days. Also, drinking it in routine may bring benefits to cover body health. Then, there is also another alternative to consume guava water, which is making it as tea.

How to Make Guava Leaves Tea

To get all those benefits you can start to consume it by making guava leaves as tea. Below is several steps to make guava tea :

👉Dry some young guava leaves. After they get dry, crush them into powder,Use one tablespoon of guava leaves and add it to one cup of hot water,Let it brew for 5 minutes then you can strain it .Drink guava leaves tea regularly, once a day

Those are all benefits that you may get from guava leaves. You can consider it as natural remedy which has many good effect to your body and of course low cost medicine which you can get almost anywhere.


We often consider banana leaves as a food wrapper but it contains other amazing healing powers that God and Mother Nature made possible to keep us safe from various illnesses.The Benefits of banana leaves can not be separated from the nutritional content in it. Among the important substances in banana leaf are Lignin, Allantonlin, Hemiselulosa, Polyphenols, and Proteins. The content provides the benefits of banana leaves such as reducing heat and relieve Headaches. 

Banana is one of tropical fruits liked by many people in the world. The fruit contains many health benefits, along with high energy content which is often added in athlete’s diet.But not many people know that the banana leaves also have many health benefits.In South-east Asia and Africa banana leaves are often used as garnish to enhance the appearance of foods and as food wrapping. So far, most people only know  banana leaves as food wrapper or as a material for handicrafts.

Banana leaves (dried one and fresh one) can be used as herbal too. They have many benefits for our health and beauty, and can cure ailments such as sore throat, cough, common cold, and fever. It is also used as traditional spa ingredients in Bali, which is very good for the skin.The dried banana leaves has important compounds for our health, such as polyphenols (act as antioxidants), lignin, hemicellulose, protein, and allantoin.  Banana leaves also have astringent effect. That is why banana leaves can cure ailments. To get the benefits of dried banana leaves, we can use it just like other herbal medicines, for example use it as infusion like making tea, or boil it to make decoction.


🍃Lower the hot temperature

Furthermore, the benefits of banana leaf is lowering heat. Boil the banana leaf and let stand cool. Then give a little honey to add the properties and taste. Drink this stew a few times.

🍃Increase endurance

Banana leaf was also useful to increase body resistant. Content such as allantolin in banana leaf is useful for immune system. So natural to consume stew of banana leaves can increase our body resistance so that the body is resistant to disease attacks

🍃High in Antioxidants.

Banana leaves are high in polyphenols, a type of antioxidants. Antioxidants is needed to fight many disorders caused by free radicals in our body. It fights free radicals, thus preventing micro-inflammations caused by free radicals. Those micro-inflammation can cause many degenerative diseases, such as atherosclerosis, alzheimer, dementia, even cancers. High anti-oxidants is also known to prevent early aging signs such as wrinkled and dull skin. To get this benefits, we can drink banana leaves tea 1-3 times a day.

🍃 Cures Sore Throat.

Sore throat is a symptom of many respiratory-related illnesses, and mostly caused by virus, so antibiotics may not help at all. Sore throat is really annoying, making us feel painful when swallowing foods or beverages. Drinking banana leaves decoction atleast once a day can reduce the sore throat gradually.One of the benefits of banana leaves is to relieve pain in the throat such as difficulty drinking and difficulty eating. You simply boil the old banana leaf already dried. Boil like you make regular tea, drink 2 times a day. This is enough for a day, then your throat will heal as usual. If not, check with your doctor to find out exactly what is going on.

🍃 Reduces Fever

Antioxidants and astringent contained in banana leaves are good substances to reduce inflammations, which often take form in fever. The astringent effect will also sooth the unease feeling of fever. To reduce fever, we can drink the decoction 3 times a day.

🍃Boosts Immune System.

Dried banana leaves contains allantoin, a substance known to boost immune system, accelerates healing process and acts as an astringent. This is why banana leaves can cure sore throat and fever, which are mainly caused by poor immune. Even if we do not have such ailments, we also can drink banana leaves decoction or tea atleast once a day to boost our immune system, so we cannot contract the ailments easily.

🍃Treatment of Dysentery.

Allantoin and polyphenols in dried banana leaves can reduce intestinal bleeding in dysentery. We can drink the decoction atleast once a day to stop the bleeding. The astringent effect also reduce the stomach pain due to hyperperistaltic activity of intestines. The good news, banana leaves do not interfere with prescribed drugs, so in severe dysentery we can take drugs and banana leaves tea/decoction together.

🍃 Heals Wounds and Skin Irritation.

Fresh banana leaves are used traditionally to cure wounds and irritation.👉 Just crush some banana leaves by a mortar, then put it on the affected area. We can bind it with bandage to prevent it falling away. Change the leaves and bandage 2-3 times a day.

🍃Reduce Cellulites and Body Weight.

👉Traditional spa also uses banana leaves as traditional weightloss program. There are 2 ways in using the banana leaves: first, the mashed fresh leaves are used as body mask to reduce the cellulites and keep the skin healthy. 

👉The second, the whole banana leaves are steamed and then wrapped on the desired area (usually belly, upper thighs and upper arms) for 1-2 hours. After the treatment finishes, a cup of tea made of banana leaves and ginger is taken. 

This treatment was popular in Sultan’s Palace in Yogyakarta and the Kings’ Palaces in Bali, to maintain the beauty of the queens, princesses and concubines. But now we can find this traditional treatment in many spa in Bali. However, the treatment will be more effective if we do low-calories diet and sports.

🍃 Maintains Healthy Hair.

Banana leaves extract can cure dandruffs, maintain healthy scalp, and keep the natural color of the hair, thanks to its high allantoin and astringent effect. If we often have itchy and sore scalp, this banana leaves hair mask is proven to be very effective.

👉We can take some fresh banana leaves, then crush it with blender. Apply it as hair mask on the scalp and hair, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with cool water. Using this hair mask regularly will also make our hair looks shiny and more beautiful.

🍃Maintains Healthy Skin.

One of the health benefits of banana leaves is to promote healthy skin. Banana leaves mask has been used in traditional spa for generations to maintain healthy skin. The fresh leaves are crushed with mortar or blender, then applied to the face or all over the body. The allantoin and antioxidants helps preventing early aging signs on the skin (such as wrinkles and dark spots), cures skin irritation, reduce acne and pimples, and keep the skin moist and soft.

👉For skin beauty , boiled water of banana leaves. Banana leaf water can kill bacteria in the skin, then consume or drink boiled  banana leaves Water on a regular basis can kill bacteria in the skin and make skin always healthy and smooth.

🍃Wrapping food

Not to forget, the benefits of banana leaves are also great for wrapping food. Usually people use banana leaf wrap noodles, rice, sticky rice or to wrap various side dishes. To be more resistant and not quickly torn, banana leaves can be placed on top of the fireplace until withered.

🎆Other Traditional Uses of Banana Leaves🎆

🍃Food Wrappers

Traditional South-east Asian foods, such as Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian foods often use banana leaves to wrap the cakes, chicken and fish. The banana leaves give particular pleasant aroma that can increase our appetite. Foods wrapped in green banana leaves also looks beautiful.

Rice or other foods wrapped in banana leaves for take-away will last longer too. The mechanism is still unknown, but banana leaves probably has some anti-microbial effects which can kill germs that cause foods to rot. For example, the Sundanese nasi timbel (rice wrapped in banana leaves) can last for 24 hours without rotting, and is often prepared for picnics and travels.

The banana leaves are also used for wrapping fruits in big baskets when transporting the fruits to the local markets. This makes the fruits last longer and keeps their colors and firmness.

And the most important of South-east Asian cultures, banana leaves are often used as garnish for foods offerings in temples. We can see this kind of garnish in Thailand and Bali, also in many other places in big ceremonies such as wedding.

🍃Livestocks’ Foods

Livestocks such as goats, sheep, cows, chickens, even rabbits like to eat banana leaves. They like the taste, especially the young leaves. Banana leaves also contain good nutrition for them and act as their natural medicine. If we have livestocks or pets at home, we can feed them fresh banana leaves. It is cheap, and sometimes people just throw away the leaves after taking the fruits. The dried leaves can be stored and used like hay. Now, many animal food factories use powdered banana leaves as an ingredient of their products.

🍃 Handicrafts

Many handicrafters use dried banana leaves for their products. Usually, dried banana leaves are woven and made into bags, belts, and bracelets. Dried banana leaves are seen as waste in tropical countries, but those handicrafters can transform them into beautiful artistic goods, which are highly priced. Some designers now are looking for these goods to make up their fashion ideas, as a program of reducing waste.

🎆How to Prepare Banana Leaves 🎆

We can dry the fresh banana leaves under the sun, or take the dried banana leaves directly from the tree.

👉If we dry it ourself, take some fresh banana leaves, clean it under running water, then dry it under the sun until they are brown, dry, and make crisp sound when you squeeze them.

Wash the dried leaves.

👉Take a handful of dried leaves into a pot, add 3-4 cups of water, and boil it until the water is only 1 cup left.

Let it sit until warm, strain it, then drink it. We also can add honey to enhance the taste. Take this decoction atleast once a day to accelerate the healing process.

Banana leaves has no toxic effects and no side effects. In fact, animals like goats can eat a lot of banana leaves and they remain healthy. So, we can drink banana leaves tea or decoction anytime we want. The decoction also does not interfere with prescribed drugs, so it is completely safe to drink as supplement. Also, you can get many health benefits of banana leaves.

Banana can grow rapidly in tropical regions. So far, we only know the uses of banana fruit. If we live or travel to tropical countries, we can use banana leaves as traditional medicine if we fall sick. It is very cheap, but has lots of benefits. If we have artistic or handicraft hobbies, we also can learn how to use banana leaves in handicrafts, since it can be good to increase the economy.

*BITTER MELON*/ Yoruba name is Ejinrin nla.

With this drink you can never have Diabetes or High blood sugar level. NEVER!!!

Reverses diabetes,  reduces sugar level and controls sugar level

Prevents all manners of cancers and health issues

Helps you to maintain your body size and weight after you have reduced so you don’t have to be buying weightloss products again😃💃🏼💃🏼


1. Chop it like okro

2. Put in your blender with little water and blend until you very a very smooth juice 

3. Take half cup morning and night for 7-21days 

NB. To make it easy to drink you can add small lemon 🍋 juice to the cup each time you want to drink.

Thanks and enjoy your WONDER DRINK😘


Most of the people when eating papaya, throw away the seeds. And, they don’t know how beneficial they are and that they can prevent and cure a plethora of aliments related to the liver, gut, worms and even diseases like Dengue. I will show you the benefits of eating Papaya Seeds.

The seeds have many nutrients that can help you to heal cirrhosis of the liver. Grind 5-6 papaya seeds with food or juice. Do this for 30 days. They will help in the detoxification of the liver and keep liver diseases at bay.

Kidney Health

Papaya Seeds can be used to improve the health of the kidney and prevent renal failure.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Papaya Seeds are great for alleviating arthritis, joint disease, swelling, pain, and redness because they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

Papaya Seeds can kill harmful bacteria like E. coli, Staph, and Salmonella. Also, they fight viral infections and cure Dengue, Typhoid and a lot of other diseases.

Making papaya juice:

Use 2 papaya leaves

Wash and cut into small pieces

Pound and squeeze the pulp through a filter cloth

Squeeze out only 2 tablespoons of juice

Serve 2 tablespoons daily

 5. Arresting cancer

Papaya Seeds have agents that can help in stopping the growth of cancer cells and tumors. Also, they have isothiocyanate which is good for colon, breast, leukemia, lung and prostate cancer.

Destroys parasites

Papaya Seeds have “Carpaine”, an alkaloid which kills intestinal worms and ameba parasites. It can help to metabolize proteins. Also, it makes the gastrointestinal tract an extremely hostile place for parasites to live and thrive.

 7. Natural contraceptive

Papaya seeds are perfect natural contraceptives for men and woman and they do not have any side-effects.

8. Aids digestion

Papaya seeds are high in the enzyme papain which is a beneficial aid to protein digestion and is the best solution for women who are trying to get pregnant.

Males have to eat 1 teaspoon of Papaya Seeds every day, for 3 months in order to reduce sperm production without affecting libido. But, however, this effect is temporary: when the seeds are discontinued, the fertility comes back to normal.

How to eat papaya seeds:

They can be eaten crushed, ground or raw in Salad dressings, honey, or milk.

Side effects and potential warnings for using papaya seeds:

Although papaya seeds are very beneficial, pregnant women should not use them or the enzyme-rich green papaya because it would extend to breastfeeding. They can be very powerful for young children’s gastrointestinal tracts, but however always consult a doctor before you give them to infants.

Here are some remedies to get relieve of cracked heels

• Take 1/4th bucket of water and squeeze one lemon in it, soak your feet on this bucket and clean your feet with pumice stone for few minutes.

Then wash your feet and heels with soap lather. Do this cleaning process twice for a week.You can get the best result in a month.


Blend turmeric, tulsi and camphor in identical proportions and mix all these components with aloe Vera gel and make it as paste.

Apply this paste on the heels and wait for 20 minutes.The plain aloe Vera gel is good for cracked heels.

After 20 minutes wash your heels with moderate warm water.Then apply any moisturizer lotion to heels.

Take warm water and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. This will relax the dead skin.Now clean off your heels with a pumice pebble.

Rub the pumice stone at the cracked heel area.This process will remove the dead skin at heels and make blood flow at heels improved.

Massage your heels with sesame oil before going to bed. This is allegedly the best remedy for cracked heels.

Mix glycerin and rosewater simultaneously and apply on the heels every day. This soothes and therapies cracked heels real fast.

Take a super ripe banana, which has almost turned very dark, and you are about to throw in the dustbin. 

Mash it, and use it on the affected heels area. Let it be there for 15 minutes at least. Clean off after 15 minutes. This is for a fast healing.

Use special creams which are intended for healing cracked creams at night, and then scrub off in the morning and clean off, with a pumice pebble.

Massage your feet with coconut oil every evening. In next dawn, scrub your heels and rinse off.

Make a mixture of lemon juice and papaya. Apply it on the cracked heels. Let it be there for 20 minutes at least. Clean off after 20 minutes.

Blend raw salt in Luke moderately hot water, and scrub your heels sin it as you soak it. Natural Pedicure for your feet, and this will exfoliate your feet too.

Take Paraffin wax, and dissolve it adding some coconut oil to it.

Load up in the chink with this blend whilst going to bed, wash off in the forenoon. Did for round 2 weeks and the cracked heels are gone.

After cleaning your feet, massage with paraffin oil, Vaseline or hydrogenated vegetable oil. This will keep the feet hydrated.

Mix sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) in moderately hot water and soak your feet in it. Clean off with a pumice pebble.

Dehydration is also on of the cause for cracked heels. so Drink plenty of water to hold your skin and boy hydrated.



Water is an essential part

of life and a basic

requirement for skin.

*Water helps

cleanse the skin and keep

it plump, smooth, and


*While eliminating

toxins from your body, it

also allows cells to

absorb vital nutrients

making sure that your

digestive system works


*It removes

impurities and helps you stay PIMPLE and ACNE

free– Drink 8-10 glasses

of water daily to meet

your body’s


*By drinking

plenty of water you can avoid many skin problems and look beautiful.


*Cleansing is necessary to

keep your skin dirt-free

and smooth

*It removes

impurities and dirt from

your skin to keep it oil-


*It also helps remove

dead skin cells–Use a

cleanser that suits your

skin type and is soap-free

and gentle.

*It relaxes the skin muscles and

increases circulation

which makes your skin

look healthy and pretty. NOTE–

Those with oily skin should use an acidic

cleanser, for dry skin use

a creamier one. If your

skin is sensitive use an alcohol-free cleanser.


Fruits, vegetables, fish,

and oils are rich in


*It fights

diseases like cancer and

cardiovascular problems

by destroying molecules that cause

damage to healthy cells

making your skin healthy

and clear.

*The most

important ANTIOXIDANTS are vitamins C and E.– Vitamin E helps protect cell membranes

while C builds collagen for plump skin. NOTE–Whole grains,apples,and citrus fruits contain vitamin C,

wheat germ oil, almonds.

and peanut butter contain

vitamin E.


“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body with a

healthy skin.” You need a

balanced diet in order to

possess beautiful and

healthy skin. Fatty acids

are required to keep your

body hydrated and

absorb nutrients. Walnuts,

fish, and kidney beans are rich in fatty acids. A

healthy diet is the easiest

way to keep your skin

healthy without extra



*Exercise plays a vital role in de-stressing.


yoga and exercise help

you stay fit and healthy by improving circulation

which makes your skin

shine and glow.


you sweat it rids your

body of impurities which makes your skin clean and clear.

*Relaxing your

body and skin is also

important for radiant skin.

*Resting your body

rejuvenates and

revitalizes you.

Health tips                                                            

Trying to Conceive topic 

Why Does Sperm Flow Back And Out From The Vagina After Sexual Intercourse?

This is a nightmare for many women, as many of them are not able to get pregnant.

Back flow of semen following intercourse may be caused by several factors.

1. Mostly due to liquefaction of semen (change in consistency) with time after ejaculation.

2. Partner’s large amount of ejaculation following abstinence for few days

3. More watery ejaculation state

4. Increased cervical or vaginal secretion following your highly aroused state

5. Increased vaginal temperature

Flow-back from these causes may not impact on your chances of conception. You need not to be worried regarding this. Just enjoy your normal sex life.

You can opt for some measures like lifting your hips or taking a pillow behind buttock after his ejaculation which may prevent back flow to some extent. Maintain your genital hygiene before and after each sexual activity.


1. Antisperm antibody

The man or the woman (or both) may produce antisperm antibody. This is a chemical substance produced by the immune system which misrecognises the sperm as an enemy and goes all out to attack. If antisperm antibodies come from the man, the tails of the sperm cells may be attacked, rendering them immobile. Should the antibodies come from the woman, the heads of the sperm cells are likely targets. In either case, the sperm cells become weakened and are unable to penetrate the mucus secretion of the cervix, which sits on the vagina and forms the gateway to the womb.

In the same vein, if the woman’s vagina is too acidic, it becomes inhospitable to the sperm cells which thrive in an alkaline environment and may thus inadvertently kill them. Antisperm antibodies in either the man or woman suggest a previous INFECTION.

2. Defective cervical mucus

One of the functions of cervical mucus is to help guide or transport the sperm to the egg or ovum. The mucus is thin, watery and stretchy before and during ovulation. But after ovulation, consistency of the mucus changes and it becomes thick and sticky, inelastic and inhibitive to the movement of sperm, closing the way to the cervix and to the womb and the egg. With the gate thus shut, the sperm naturally flows backward and outwards! Thick cervical mucus all-cycle-round may indicate inflammation and excitement of the glands of the cervix. This may be due to an infection, diary intolerance, irritation by chemical agent in soaps, tampons or sanitary pads and douching substances. Hormonal imbalance may also have a hand in it. So also over consumption of white sugar, and overuse of medications which may have upset the balance of friendly bacteria population vis¬a-vis the unfriendly bacterial flora.

3. ORGASM. Before a woman attains orgasm, there is an increased blood flow to the genital area in preparation for the receipt of the sperm. Orgasm disperses the blood, thus decongesting the genital tract to enable the sperm move more swiftly. The contraction of the muscles as well helps to transport the sperm. Where a woman does not attain orgasm before the sperm are received, this could harm her conception, although this is not a cast iron rule.

4. Retroverted uterus. In women with retroverted uterus, the mouth of the uterus sitting on the vagina is pushed forward. This means sperm may first be fired to the back side of the cervix from where they have to find their way back again to the neck of the cervix. Many never make it. The solution is to lie on her right-hand or left-hand side whenever you and your husband are trying to conceive. What side to lie on will depend on to which side the uterus is tilted. Discuss this with your gynaecologist.

5. PENIS that is too long. It is believed that men with too long penis may misfire sperm during ejaculation and miss the target. For this reason, some authorities suggest that they pull back the shaft about three inches in the vagina vault just before ejaculation.


1) Do not smoke after meal, it increases risk of cancer

2) Sleep : Going to bed right after your meal could Lead to bloating and discomfort and abdominal pain.

3) Drinking of tea or coffee; Tea or coffee if not main meal of the Day, It is suggested by the nutritionists that tea or coffee should be taken at least 30 minutes after meal.

4) Shower : Do not enter your bath roam to shower immediately after meal.

 Rather shower before meal. Waiting till 30 minutes after meal to shower is the best suggestion. It could lead to indigestion.

5) Eating fruits : Fruits needs special kind of enzyme to digest.

 It is suggested you eat your fruit  before a meal. 

Eating it after meal may lead to indigestion.

6) Loosening your belt: Do not loose your belt on your waist or stomach immediately after meal.

 Remove them before meal but if it happens that you forgot to remove it before meal, please allow it there like 30 minutes before loosing the belt

7) Gym: Do not gym or do any form of exercise after meal. 

Your stomach needs rest and time to digest the food you have eaten.

8) Brushing your teeth: wait for like 30 minutes after meal before brushing your teeth. 

It is good to clean your teeth to maintain a clean teeth and a healthy gum but not immediately after meal.

Making Tigernut Drink.

Tigernut drink is so sumptuous and rich in Nutrients. Tiger nuts contain a variety of nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. …

May Improve Digestion.

May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels.

May Improve Heart Health. …

May Boost Your Immune System.

Let’s look at how to make tigernut drink.







Wash the tigernut and soak in water for some hours. Remove the seed from the date and soak in water too. Break your coconut and remove the meat and slice in bits. Get ginger and peel the skin too. After some hours ,put everything in a blender and blend till smooth. Get a  sieve and sieve the the chaff away leaving the liquid. You can refrigerate it or put some ice cubes in it to consume. Its so yummy

Yummy yummy 😋

Asthma has sadly claimed so many precious lives.

The orthodox medicine has tried its best in the managing of the disease . But we have only been managing it.

These days, the Africa man is returning to it’s root…. The natural herbs.

Today I’m glad to announce to you that asthma can be treated through the plant in the picture.

It is called tawa tawa as its botanical name. Yorubas called it ewe Emile. It’s a weed but very powerful in healing of asthma and cancer as well as infections.

Get the fresh leaves.. crush to make tea or special stew.*** Take it thrice in a week for three months non stop.

Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaf

English Name: Bitter Leaf

  Local Name: Onugbu (Igbo), Efo Ewuro  (Yoruba), Shuwaka (Hausa), Etidot         (Cross River State of Nigeria)

    Botanical Name: Vernonia Amygdalina

Bitter leaf included in Acanthaceae family.

Bitter Leaf has Latin name as Andrographis Paniculate Ness. It is efficacious as a medicine. This plant is thought to have come from tropical Asia. In many areas, Sambiloto known Andiloto (Java), Jambiroto/Pepaitan (Madura), Chuan Xin Lin (China), Ki Oray (Sunda), and many others. During this time of bitter leaf known as bitterness. But apparently behind the bitter taste possessed turned out to contain a variety of many benefits for our health.

Nutrition of Bitter Leaf

Lactone and bitter leaf contain flavonoids. Lactone obtained from leaves and branches, respectively contain deoxy andrographolide, 14-deoxy-n, 12-didehydroandrographolide, andrographolide, and homoandrographolide. There are also ketones, alkane, aldehydes, potassium, sodium, calcium, acid grit, and resin. Flavonoids itself applying lots of roots, namely polimetoksiflavon, andrgrafin, pan ikulin, mono-0-metilwithin, 4-dimetiler, and apigenin-7. With its rich nutritions Bitter leaf is one most powerful same with benefits of turmeric, 

Although this plant has been around for hundreds of years, only a few people know of its medicinal and healing properties.

Bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) as the name implies, is actually a bitter plant whose leaves, extracts, stems and barks are used for culinary,medicinal and curative purposes.  

How to extract the Bitter leaf Juice:

This can be done, the old school way of rubbing the clean leaves in between your palms with the help of a little water and squeezing out the juice from the leaves.

You can also use a juicer or blend the leaves with a little water, in a blender and strain out the extract with a cheese cloth, coffee strainer or a sieve with a tight mesh.

Bitter leaf juice on its own, is quite bitter and this taste might be unbearable for a lot of people.

So to reduce the bitterness of the bitter leaf juice, simply blend it with spinach or Ugwu (fluted pumpkin). If you still find it extremely bitter, then add some sweet fruits to it, such as pineapple , apples, or oranges.

Dry bitter leaf is also potent, but has to be properly cleaned before use.

here are the powerful Benefits of Bitter Leaf :

1. Reduce The Fever

The bitter leaf contains an antiseptic that is very effective to reduce the heat inside. The content of andrographolide lactones, glucosides, diterpene,and flavonoids serve to reduce Fever. You must:

* boil 10 grams of dried bitter leaf, 25 g dried turmeric tuber (2.5 thumbs), and 200 cc of water.

* Boil until the water boils and stay 100 cc, then strain.

* When still warm, add 100 cc or mahogany cotton flower honey and stir well.

* Divide into 3 parts, gives three times a day.

2. Prevent Cancer

The bitter leaf can treat hydatidiform mole, trophoblastic tumor and lung tumor which was the forerunner of cancer. Andrographolide bitter extract shows activity in particular substances that are effective in preventing liver disease/liver, improve the immune system, anti-cancer, and so forth.

Some studies report that the plants can stop the activities of gastric cancer cells, can inhibit tumor growth.Bitter leaf extract can inhibit the growth and development of breast cancer cells.

To make a drug of bitter herbs:

* Can be done by combining the bitter leaf with turmeric.

* Curcumin in turmeric and substances that exist in the bitter andrographolide will be able to form a synergistic formula as a “cure cancer”.

Formula combination of bitter and turmeric as anticancer aligned with herbal formula. The combination of these two materials so that both components can mutually support and complement the existing deficiencies in the bitter as well as in turmeric.

3. Lowers Hypertension

Bitter compounds have complete among other substances andrographolide a bitter taste, alkaloid, and potassium. Andrographolide content of which can improve the body’s defense systems such as the production of white blood cells that attack bacteria and other foreign substances. High potassium in Bitter leaf useful to remove water and salt to treat hypertension.

Potassium compounds provide efficacy to lower blood pressure. Results of experiments on the water decoction of bitter leaf 10% at a dose of 0.3 ml / kg body weight can lower blood sugar levels that are comparable to the provision of glibenclamide suspension.

To reduce hypertension, we can use all of the parts or just the roots. To use it required:

* a half handheld of the fresh bitter leaf.

* The material is washed and boiled in 3 cups of water as much as usual.

* Boiling is carried out until the liquid is staying 3/4 her.

* Once filtered, as much as 3/4 cup cooking water is drunk.

* In one day we can drink it 2 times. It felt quite bitter.

4. Effective For Typhus Disease

Bitter is also believed to be used as a medicine for typhus. Typhus is a disease caused by bacterial infection of the intestine and lymph nodes, and spleen. The incubation period of 5-14 days reach.

How to take medicine:

* 10 gr bitter tubers and 5 gr mandarin orange peel and 15 grams of jail boil with 500 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc.

* Water is drunk to the child when the lukewarm as much as 2-3 times per day.

5. Overcoming Itching

To treat itching:

* provide 1 gram of bitter leaf, 1 gram and 1 gram of ginger root fragrant.

* Blend all ingredients until smooth like powder.

* Dilute the mixture with water

* and then drunk 3 times a day.

6. Treating Malaria

Malaria is a disease caused by the parasite plasmodium. To cure malaria,

* a handful of bitter leaf boiled in 4 cups of water.

* Allow up to 2 cups of water to stay alone. Drink 3 times a day.

7. Increase Endurance

Bitter substances have the typical form of andrographolide. Besides andrographolide, also has panni colin substances. Based on two elements, the bitter leaf is named andrographis paniculate.

Andrographolide and panni colin it is specific. Its main function is actually increasing endurance. So in the US, bitter patented as a medicine for AIDS.

Generally to increase endurance, we can drink two cups a day of bitter herbs. How to make:

* 10 grams of dried leaves were given 4 cups of water and

* boil until 2 cups.

* Drink

8. Treating Appendicitis

The bitter leaf can be used to treat appendicitis. The ingredients should be prepared to treat appendicitis is:

* bitter leaf 30 grams, 400 ml water, and 1 tablespoon of honey.

* boiled as much as 30 grams of bitter leaf that has been cleaned in 400ml water.

* Boil until the remaining half, then strain the cooking water before and add 1 tablespoon of pure honey.

* Once cool, this traditional herb drinks 3 times a day on a regular basis.

9. Treating Diabetes

Andrographolide is the main active ingredient in bitter that serves to reduce levels of glucose in the blood. According to research, Munawara colleagues from Faculty of Pharmacy in 2004 that bitter leaf decoction can lower blood glucose levels in male rats.

Here’s how to mix the bitter leaf and make Bitter leaf as a diabetes drug,

* bitter leaf approximately 5 grams of fresh leaves,

* pour 1 cup of hot water (boiled),

* after the cold and then filtered.

* Distillate then drinks daily two times as much, morning and evening after meals.

10. Overcoming Gallstones

Gallbladder (Vesica fellea) is one organ that is small and shaped muscular pouch where emersion a bile, attached below the surface of the liver. The gall bladder at night will be filled with bile, and will be issued in the morning. The gall bladder can be impaired, among which the formation of stones in the gall bladder and the presence of inflammation.

Ways of making obtain herbal remedy for gallstones from the bitter leaf:

* 30 grams of bitter fresh or 15 g of dry + 100 grams of corn silk + 30 grams meeting buffoonery (sliced)

* boiled with 800 cc of water until the remaining 400 cc, filtered,

* then the filtered water, add lemon juice and honey to taste,

* then taken to two times a day, every time 200 cc.

11. Treating Diarrhea

In addition, it can be used to treat dysentery, the benefits of bitter leaf for another digestive is to manage diarrhea that we suffer, do the same by making a herbal concoction to overcome bacillary dysentery:

* take as much as 9-15 g of bitter leaf dried,

* then boiled in 3 cups water until the remaining 1 cup.

* After chilling filtered.

* Drink boiled water 2 times a day, each 1/2 cup.

12. Treating Bacillary Dysentery

Bacillary dysentery disease is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract with the stools is known to contain blood with / without mucus. Shigella bacteria are the bacteria that causes bacillary dysentery.

To fix this, you can mix the bitter leaf plant, the way is to take:

* 9-15 g of dried bitter leaf,

* then boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup.

* After chilling filtered. Drink boiled water 2 times a day, each 1/2 cup.

13. Treating Typhoid

Typhoid is a disease caused by bacteria. consuming bitter leaf is able to kill the bacteria that cause typhoid.

How to treat typhoid:

* washing 10-15 the bitter leaf,

* then boil with water,

* wait for it to boil and left to 1 cup,

* then remove and let cool water,

* then take water and pour the honey, then drink

* Do it this way with the routine by drinking three times a day, 1 cup.

14. Treating Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a disease that attacks the lungs caused by tuberculosis bacillus. Lung disease is highly infectious airborne respiratory tract or through tuberculosis emitted during coughing. At first, a lung disease patients (tuberculosis) would develop inflammation of the lungs. Then increasingly pneumonia turned into sores and spread widely.

For those patients with pneumonia, you can treat it by using herbal bitter leaf, the way was the same as the way to cure dysentery or diarrhea above, namely by taking

* 9-15 g of bitter leaf dried,

* then boiled in 3 cups of water until remaining 1 glass.

* After chilling filtered. Drink boiled water 2 times a day, each 1/2 cup.

15. Treat Respiratory Tract Infections

respiratory tract infections are infections that invade the human respiratory tract. Respiratory infections can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or other organisms. Secondary bacterial infections can also occur in patients with upper respiratory tract infections or bottom.

You can use the bitter leaf to treat it, the way is also the same as making potions for bacillary dysentery:

* take 9-15 g of dried bitter leaf,

* then boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup.

* After chilling filtered.

* Drink boiled water 2 times a day, each 1/2 cup.

16. Treat Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a chronic disease that can be suffered. Kidney has an important function in the body, which functions as a filter. If kidney disease is left it will be fatal, it can even cause death.

Materials needed:

* Fresh bitter leaf 30 grams or 15 grams of dried bitter leaf

* Leaf cat whiskers.

* Corn hair.

All of the above ingredients boiled with 1 liter of water, reserving half a liter. Then drink the water.

17. Overcoming Ear Inflammation

Ear inflammation can occur in any part of the outer ear (otitis externa) and the middle ear (otitis media). Acute ear inflammation is usually experienced by children.

Treatment using bitter leaf:

* Take fresh bitter leaf

* Wash the bitter leaf, blender / puree

* Strain and take the water

* Drops of water on a sore ear as much as 3 drops

* Do 4-5 times a day

18. Overcome Appendicitis

Disease appendicitis or commonly known as appendicitis occurs when the appendix (appendix) becomes inflamed and pus-filled swelling. This could be caused by a blockage by foreign objects (food) for food or foreign objects that are not easily digested. As a result of the blockage, then enlarged lymphoid tissue and enlargement (swelling) which is the means easy for bacteria to breed. Swelling in the appendix of this if not treated immediately may rupture, causing infection of the lining of the abdomen. The incident was referred to as peritonitis.

How to made a treatment using bitter leaf:


* First, provide twenty pieces of bitter leaf. Wash the bitter leaf nad then bitter leaf until finely ground. Then squeezed to take the juice. Consumed once depleted once a day.

* Second, prepare thirty grams of bitter leaf, honey and a tablespoon of water to boil 400 ml. Wash the bitter leaf and then boil it. let the water becomes half. Then enter the honey and stir well. Taken three times a day in a state of water is already cold. Do it regularly.

19. Treating Toothache

Bitter leaf is also useful to treat a toothache, the way is to use:

* a fresh bitter leaf as much as 9-15 g

* boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup.

* After chilling filtered, then taken 2 times a day each 1/2 cup.

20. Treating Leptospirosis

Bitter leaf able to treat infections such as leptospirosis. How it with given injections or tablets of bitter leaf extract.

21. Treating Venom Insect s

You can use the leaves and Tobacco Bitter taste. For maximum results, do it this way 2 times a day until the pain swelling and pain that arises is completely cured.

22. Treating Mouth Inflammation

Bitter leaf is also efficacious for treating inflammation of the mouth, the way is by using a dry powder bitter herbs as much as 3 to 4.5 g brewed with hot water. When was cool add honey to taste and drink as well.

23. As a Drug For a Headache

The bitter leaf can also be utilized to eliminate the headaches, the way is also the same as making herbs for influenza above, create dry powder of 1 g of bitter brewed with a cup of hot water. After a cold drink at once, Do it 3-4 times a day.

24. Influenza Drug

Other benefits of bitter leaf to treat influenza. Influenza is not a dangerous disease, but we could have impaired breathing is difficult, even harder to sleep. To treat it using a dry powder of 1 g of bitter brewed with a cup of hot water. After a cold drink at once, Do it 3-4 times a day.

Bitter Leaf For Healthy Skin

The content andrografin, androfolit, and in a bitter panikulin a natural antibiotic. This content helps the body to reduce the risk of skin aging and againts the effects of free radicals.

The bitter extract is able to increase the body’s defense against infection that lowers the quality of the organs in the body, including the skin tissue.

There are a lot of skin problems, some skin problems can be cured with bitter leaf is:

25. Itching

To treat itching, provide:

* 1 gram of bitter leaf, 1 gram and 1 gram of ginger root fragrant.

* Blend all ingredients until smooth like powder.

* Dilute the mixture with water and then drunk 3 times a day.

26. Prevent and Eliminate Acne


* 2 lenglengan plant (leaves, stems, roots)

* 1 finger turmeric

* 1 finger rhizome of ginger

* ½ handheld bitter leaf

How to make:

Peel turmeric and ginger. Then wash all the ingredients. Boil all ingredients with 3 cups water to boil. After that fire is diminished and herb cooked until the water a half portion. Strain, give a little time to drink palm sugar / honey, stir and drink 2xsehari, every day.

27. Scabs

Drying the bitter leaf to dry. Mash until smooth dried leaves and powder. Sprinkle powdered wounds and sores with the dry bitter.

28. Scabies 

Take a handful of leaves and sulfur bitter taste. Combine the two ingredients are then ground until smooth. Apply the mixture on the skin of the sick. Repeat the treatment until cured.

Bitter Leaf Side Effects

Bitter leaf safe to be consumed in the right amounts. Side effects that may arise in the form are loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, headache, runny nose, and fatigue.

Dose Of Use Bitter Leaf

Andrographolide content in the bitter leaf can be provided only about 4-6% only. The relatively varied bitter dose to 1,200 mg. Such as fever, and tonsillitis, the dose is 40 mg per day. For children with disorders of the upper respiratory system about 30 mg for up to 10 days.

What Colour Of Your TONGUE say about you rHealth 

Maybe you do not think too about the language, but when your doctor says that open wide and stick out your tongue, he is already a view on it gets some basic information about your health.

In Chinese medicine teaches that the language indicates all diseases of the body.If you are not sure what is happening with the language, you might want to visit ENT.

Normal pink tongue, no teeth marks or change in color indicates proper, says acupuncturist Stewart Trotter.

A healthy tongue should: Be pinkish in colour

A dark red shade: Indicates inflammation

A brownish or black discolouration of the tongue is caused due of excess consumption of tobacco, gutka and paan.

A strawberry pink tongue could indicate the onset of scarlet fever or Kawasaki disease

A thick white coating could be due to the over-secretion of bile in the liver and gall bladder.

When the tongue turns blue or purple, it’s time to seek urgent medical help.

White patches can indicate a fungal infection or leukoplakia.

Look at the surface:

A healthy person’s tongue must be light pink and moist.

Lack of normal texture called as bald tongue can occur due to deficiency of Vitamin B complex or Iron.

Patches or spots means the person could be prone to allergies.

A dry tongue is a sign of stress, since the salivary glands are not functioning at optimum level.

1. A thin surface layer of white, visible traces of teeth and a few red dots: this appearance of language suggests a lack of energy in the body that causes fatigue, poor appetite and excessive sweating.It is reflected in the mood, but such persons are usually anxious and nervous.

2. A thin yellow layer in the middle surrounded by the rest of the red surface of the tongue: this refers to the appearance of the language problems with digestion, dehydration and skin diseases.All this manifests itself in the psyche, so people such language usually changeable moods.

3. Mass white layer, swollen edges of the tongue: this refers to the appearance of unbalanced operation of the digestive system and the tendency to accumulate water in the body.People of this situation often feel fatigued and listless.

4.Of dotson purple surface: pointing to the difficulty of work circulatory system, so people can have problems with varicose veins, feeling of heaviness in the legs, headache, chest pain and skin dull.

5. A thin white layer and a red tip of the tongue: this situation reveals that the organism is exposed to constant stress caused by unstable emotional state. The energy in the body is accumulated in the nodes that cause inflammation.

6. Red tongue with thick yellow in the middle layers of the surface: it is an indicator of elevated body temperature, which indicates a possible urinary tract infection or skin problems.People with such problems are often angry and I do not feel comfortable in my body.

7. A thick white layer on the center of the pale swollen tongue: a look that suggests an infection or inflammation associated with an autoimmune disease, and a lack of vitamins and minerals. Such conditions cause a pale complexion, pain in the spine and the feeling that often borders on panic.

8. Cracks on a red surface of the tongue: suggest a fungal infection in the body, accompanied by night sweats, insomnia and irritations.

9. Language whose surface is pale and without deposits: point to reduced blood flow in the body, and anemia, which can cause dizziness and fatigue, and the people of this state are suffering from a lack of concentration and memory. Besides women such language is often a sign of possible hormonal imbalance.

Guava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop Your Hair Loss And Make It Grow Like Crazy.

Guava leaves are actually full of many different health benefits and people aren’t aware of that. They contain high levels of vitamins A and C, potassium, healthy fiber and lycopene.

Here are 17 of the amazing health benefits that guava leaves offer:

    Guava leaf tea can decrease bad LDL cholesterol without affecting the good HDL cholesterol levels.

    Guava leaf tea can help you against bronchitis and coughs.

    If you want to relieve itching caused by allergies, apply crushed guava leaves onto the affected areas.

    This method will also help you relieve insect bites.

    Guava leaves can really help against hair loss when they’re boiled and allowed to cool on room temperature. Gently massage your scalp to stop any further hair loss.

    Guava leaf tea stops carbohydrates from turning into sugar and thus suppresses appetite. This will also help you to reduce weight.

    If you have an upset stomach, guava leaf tea is great. It also provides a great help in cases of food poisoning.

    This tea is also effective in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery because it has strong antimicrobial properties.

    Guava leaf tea is effective in treating enlarged prostate and cancer.

    It is especially recommended for men who deal with fertility problems.

    Guava leaves are high in vitamin C, which helps to heal acne and pimples.

    Apply crushed guava leaves on minor cuts like scrapes or abrasion to prevent infections. You can also prepare tea to relieve an outer ear infection. Let the tea cool down and then drop some of it in on the affected area.

    Boil 9 guava leaves in 5 cups of water until the amount you have in your pot reduces by half. This can help treat dengue.

    Guava leaf tea is great for diabetics. It reduces blood sugar level and does not stimulate insulin secretion.

    If you want to relieve toothache, you can chew guava leaves. They can also help you against inflamed gums and sores in the oral cavity.

    Crush several guava leaves and stir in a little bit of water to remove blackheads naturally. Use this instead of your regular face scrub.

    You can also use the same combination to prevent premature skin aging. The results will amaze you!

So, we can easily conclude that guava leaves really possess some amazing health benefits! Use them whenever you need and if you have a guava in your backyard, then you really are a very lucky person!



1.Always remember that there is nobody on this earth that does not have problems. You are not the only one that has problems.

2. Challenges is part of life. It is only a dead man that has no challenges.

3. There is no problem that has no solution. There are solutions to the pains you are passing through.

4. The way you picture yourself in your mind can affect your happiness. Picture yourself as a valuable and beautiful person. Avoid low self esteem and inferiority complex.

5. Do not mind about what people say about you. Some people are sadists. They can just say somethings just to make you feel sad.

6. Make friends with reasonable people who make you happy. Do not make friends with people who make jest of you or laugh at you over your challenges.

7. At your leisure time, keep yourself busy with your favorite hobbies like sports, games, watching movies, surfing the internet, playing computer games, etc.

8. Do not allow anyone to intimidate you with money and material things. A poor man today can become rich tomorrow. Change is constant.

9. No matter what you are passing through today, do not give up. As long as there is life, there is hope.

10. Be very prayerful. Pray without ceasing. Prayer is a catalyst that can speed up your blessings to come to you on time.

11. Be courageous to go for what you want. Life is all about risk. If you don’t take a risk, you will not get the desires of your heart…



1. Dating a slim guy is cool but not until you remove his

clothes and discover that he is using belt to hold his boxer.

2. Avoid guys dat always turn off their cars in every small

traffic, sister you will not get even one naira from that


3. You can never know the real voice of a girl until she is being

chased by a dog.

4. You think say break-up between boyfriend and girlfriend na

im dey pain pass? have you ever been separated from the

person you are about to copy answer from in an examination


5. I knew the economic state was worse when I heard

someone pricing NEPA BILL…

He was like “Bros abeg how much for low current”?

6. You will never know you have kung-fu skills until cockroach

run over your body.

7. Some guys can form sha. Carrying laptop bag with ludo

inside…Bros you are doing your sef.

8. Those who dress smartly and smell fine but wear


that isn’t working are among the problem we face .

9. Is better you keep silent, because anything you say will be

used against you in the court of law “move it”

That’s the only English Nigerian police can speak fluently.

10. My fear for aboki weed increased when my friend sold his

television to buy the remote.

11. No one is as humble as a customer coming to buy on

credit, he will be like”give me the fresh pepper for hand, save

your nylon”

12. Dear guy if you are sitting next to a beautiful girl in a taxi

and she starts smiling at you, don’t smile back, I repeat don’t

smile back until she pays her taxi fare.


Clean Your Womb and Conceive Easily With This, Do Not Ignore.

Infertility is a problem in almost every home, sometimes it is not always caused by spiritual issues, sometimes it is your fault. Your womb is too dirty and needs cleaning.

Cleaning or detoxifying is an act of removing toxins from your body to improve your overall health, and to help get our bodies ready for conception. This will clean our entire body inside and out, but focuses primarily on the liver, and for fertility, the uterus.

Guava leaf is a great source of fertility-boosting nutrients which are, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin E, and magnesium. Guava leaves include a high content of folic acid known as “Vitamin B9.

This component helps to avoid many congenital disabilities and takes care of the proper development of a baby’s nervous system. It is rich in vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants that helps the skin.

Folate is present in Guava leaf, folate is important to female fertility, it boosts the hormones that are responsible forming the Foetus. A cup of guava leaf drink contains 20 percent of your daily folate requirements. 

Stop wasting your money on drugs Just use this natural way. It has no side effect, You can check the internet for more information.

Here is how to prepare this drink;

1. Pluck and wash the leaves to clean them. 

2. Pour water into a pot and allow to boil.

3. Pour the leaves into the water and boil them for few minutes until the water becomes green or brownish.

4. Remove the pot from the fire and seive the liquid. Drink a cup before you eat in the morning and before you sleep at night. It is normally bitter.

Note it is for both Men and Women, so make sure you give your Husband to drink, it would boost his fertility.


Have been taking care of scorpion bite since dawn😁😁😂

Please if you are bitten by a scorpion/snake, hope you know there are ways you can curb it without going to the hospital?😳😳

Reason am always nagging on ginger, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon to cook, not seasoning.

Well, it saved me today. 

I equally had limes at home.

The moment I heard a scream, what’s that?

” scorpion “

” Scorpion in our security man lodge ?”

” yes, it bite him from the bed”

” OK, bishop get me the limes in the fridge please “

I tore the spot, ensured blood spilled, then placed the lime there to magnetise the poisons.

The moment he told me the pain was gone, I removed it.

Then made a paste of garlic and rubbed on his swollen leg and in 1 min, gbam!

Everything disappeared.

He’s off for work this evening.

This is exactly the same thing I do for snakes.

Whether you squeeze or just cut the fruit and place it on the bloody leg, the important thing is contact with the blood.

You will gradually feel the pain going out of you.

Please let’s all try have these things in our houses 

Even if you want to live your life anyhow, these are for rainy days.

Do exactly what I did, even if it’s a snake.

After removing the poisons with lime, make a paste of any of the four herbs listed above and apply then rest, shikena.

You don’t need an ambulance.

You need any chemicals.

I don’t joke with citrus fruits, they are always in my house.

Oranges, lemons, limes.

Cos they save me.

Anytime I urinate and it’s yellow, ” bishop, boil ginger in water for me”

He brings the ginger water for me, I squeeze in orange, lemons, limes, drink 

And the next urine will be clear again.

Any time my urine is smelly because of my love for excess protein, I do the same .

And before you know🙄🙄🙄

This is what leads to the kidney issues you hear of

It starts from here

Because they do not have this secret they run to the hospital and compound everything.

I just leaked a secret now.

So if you get a strange color of urine, smells foul, do the needful.

I expect we always apply everything we learn here.

Thank you 


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